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Visalys CemCore

"Kettenbach Dental’s Visalys CemCore may be the dental cement your office needs."
Dr. Lon McRae
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"One of the most challenging procedures clinicians face in dentistry is obtaining an ideal impression for fixed restorations."
Dr. Susan McMahon
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Futar Fast & Futar D Fast

"Recording an accurate bite registration is critical in the fabrication of indirect restorations, orthodontic records and treatment, diagnostic records and work ups, fabrication of sleep appliances and other intra-oral appliances and more."
Dr. Susan McMahon
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Visalys Core

"Visalys® Core was a “home run” with a 95 percent overall approval rating! "
Dr. Lou Graham
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LP’s Visalys Temp Provisional Material

"Kettenbach’s commitment to developing high-quality crown and bridge technique materials has been re-affirmed with the addition of their new provisional material, Visalys Temp. "
Dr. Jeffrey W. Horowitz

Product Review Videos

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Kettenbach's Identium Product Review

Dr. Miles Cone reviews Kettenbach's Identium, a monophase precision impression material made of Vinylsiloxanether.
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Kettenbach's Visalys Temp Product Review

Kettenbach's Visalys Temp, setting quality standards for temporary crown and bridge material.
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Kettenbach's Visalys CemCore Product Review

Dr. Miles Cone reviews Visalys CemCore by Kettenbach, a dual-curing, adhesive cementation and core build-up material.

Featured Videos

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Kettenbach Mucopren Soft Reline

Kettenbach Mucopren Soft Reline Reliable, efficient, and easy to use. And lives up to its promise, Guarantees a durable bond to the denture base, Supports uninterrupted osseointegration in Implantology, and Easy to trim.
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Panasil Tray & Light Body

Even under extreme situations Panasil® initial contact offers reliable performance Clinical video featuring Pic Light and Panasil Tray soft heavy making beautiful impressions due to its unique initial hydrophilicity, allowing the material to immediately overcome any remaining moisture in the mouth.
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Kettenbach Identium Implant

Kettenbach Identium® – Vinylsiloxanether Step by Step Excellent flowability, Exceptional hydrophilicity, Easy removal from the mouth and model and Odorless and neutral taste

Kettenbach Testimonials

“In my opinion, there is no better impression material on the market than Kettenbach’s Panasil®. I have tried them all, and after working with it, I know I will never switch impression materials again. As an educator, I discuss problems with impressions with both doctors and dental laboratories frequently. When the clinicians switch over to Kettenbach, most impression compro­mises are minimized immediately. By ordering direct, it also saves my office money. The “best” for “less” is always a win-win-win for my patients, my office over­head, and my clinical results!”
“Kettenbach’s product line is, without question, the best product for the price point compared to any other consumable within my practice today. When I first began my relationship with Kettenbach USA, I purchased various materials that I still implement today, on a daily basis. Despite the drastic and ongoing evolution of technology available for clini­cian’s today, the Kettenbach product line still finds a way to create value and remain a daily staple in my practice.”
“Kettenbach's provisional material Visalys with its low air inhibition layer and beautiful aesthetics is currently the strongest on the market allowing me to provide the best provisional no matter what size case, and their hydrophilic impression materials are second to none. Kettenbach makes so many great materials it makes my job of creating beautiful smiles a whole lot easier.”

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