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Catapult Vote of Confidence™ Products By Kettenbach

Visalys Products

Visalys Fill & Flow
 Visalys Temp Provisional Material
Visalys Core
Visalys CemCore

Visalys Fill & Visalys Flow

Visalys® Fill and Visalys® Flow Filling Composites —two new nano-hybrid light cured filling materials for all Class I to VI restorations. Its special Flex Shade System’s chameleon characteristics covers the entire VITA shade scale with just five shades. Also featured outstanding flexural and tensile strength properties to achieve long term performance.

Visalys Temp Provisional Material

Visalys® Temp is a temporary crown and bridge material for exceptionally stable and fracture-resistant short- and long- term temporary restorations based on a multifunctional acrylic composite. Visalys® Temp is suitable for fabricating temporary crowns, partial crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers.

Visalys Core

Visalys® Core is a dual-curing, radiopaque, fluoride-containing material for core build-up and cementing root posts with a unique Active-Connect-Technology (ACT).

Visalys CemCore

Visalys® CemCore is a dual-curing, adhesive cementation and core build-up material. The unique Active-Connect-Technology (ACT) provides an optimized adhesive bond and at the same time Visalys® CemCore has outstanding stability thanks to the special network former, even without matrices.


Identium Impression Material

Identium® combines the benefits of two established impression materials (A silicone and polyether) in perfect harmony.The innovative material class Vinylsiloxanether® is available in high, medium, and low viscosity with normal and fast setting variants for monophase and one-step impressions. This enables all essential impression techniques to be covered with a single material.

Futar Fast & Futar D Fast

Futar Bite Registration Material

The Futar® family of products includes 8 injectable elastomeric materials for bite registration to create precise impressions of the occlusal situation. All the materials are A silicones and are impressive thanks to their high final hardness and high level of comfort. The Futar® family has a bite registration material suitable for every requirement with the right final hardness and working time.


Panasil Impression Material

Precise with no compromises! The right product for all impression techniques and indications. Impressions can be taken in moist environments and still deliver exceptional results. The Panasil® family is available in low, medium, and high viscosity precision impression materials, as well as a kneadable material all based on A silicone.

Profisil® Fluoride Varnish

Profisil® Fluoride Varnish

Profisil® Fluoride Varnish contains 5 % sodium fluoride in a mucosa-friendly, pleasantly flavored

dimethicone gel. This formula is not made with ethyl alcohol or rosin, which prevents the risk of

allergic reactions and other ailments.

Provider Testimonials

“Kettenbach’s product line is, without question, the best product for the price point compared to any other consumable within my practice today. When I first began my relationship with Kettenbach USA, I purchased various materials that I still implement today, on a daily basis. Despite the drastic and ongoing evolution of technology available for clini­cian’s today, the Kettenbach product line still finds a way to create value and remain a daily staple in my practice.”
Dr. Todd B. Engel 
“In my opinion, there is no better impression material on the market than Kettenbach’s Panasil®. I have tried them all, and after working with it, I know I will never switch impression materials again. As an educator, I discuss problems with impressions with both doctors and dental laboratories frequently. When the clinicians switch over to Kettenbach, most impression compro­mises are minimized immediately. By ordering direct, it also saves my office money. The “best” for “less” is always a win-win-win for my patients, my office over­head, and my clinical results!”
Dr. David S. Hornbrook
“Kettenbach's provisional material Visalys with its low air inhibition layer and beautiful aesthetics is currently the strongest on the market allowing me to provide the best provisional no matter what size case, and their hydrophilic impression materials are second to none. Kettenbach makes so many great materials it makes my job of creating beautiful smiles a whole lot easier.”
Dr. Todd C. Snyder
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