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Product Review:
Kettenbach's Futar Fast & Futar D Fast

Bite Registration Paste

Recording an accurate bite registration is critical in the fabrication of indirect restorations, orthodontic records and treatment, diagnostic records and work ups, fabrication of sleep appliances and other intra-oral appliances and more. Many brands, viscosities, and setting times are available to clinicians.
As clinicians, we need a recording material that does not cause movement of the teeth or displacement of soft tissue and accurately records the occlusal surfaces and the relationship between the arches. It must be an appropriate thickness, strength, elasticity and it must be stable. Ideally, as well, it will not slump off of the occlusal table upon placement.
Overwhelmingly, our Catapult Clinical Evaluators rated Futar Fast and Futar D Fast as excellent in clinical handling, placement i.e.: non-slumping off the occlusal table on placement, accurate recording and cutting back. Our reviewers found the working time and set time to be ideal for bite registration material. Strength and stability were rated highly as well.
Catapult Clinicians cited personal preference and clinical situation as the determining factors in selecting between Futar Fast or Futar D Fast. Future D Fast is more rigid than Futar Fast.
This clinician chooses Futar Fast as the go to bite registration in most restorative cases. Application wise, it is easy to extrude, it sits up nicely on the occlusal table, set time is fast (45 seconds) and it stays intact and accurately records the bite. Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. When recording face bows and fabrication of sleep devices, I choose Futar D Fast for the rigidity and stackability in addition to accuracy and strength. Figure 4.

Figure 1. Figure2 Futar Fast Bite Registration on the occlusal table. Note how the material does not slump from the occlusal table.
Figure 3. Futar Fast Bite Registration. The occlusion is accurately recorded with no tears or voids.
Figure 4. Futar D Fast Bite Registration. The vertical opening in being recorded for fabrication of a mandibular advancement sleep device. Future D Fast has the strength, rigidity and consistency to stack and record the vertical.

Our reviewers unanimously stated they would use Futar Fast and Futar D Fast in their practices.
Futar Fast and Futar D Fast are clinically excellent bite registration materials and are a good value.
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Figure 1
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Figure 2
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Figure 3
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Figure 4

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