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Catapult Education™ is dedicated to providing dental clinicians worldwide with knowledge and opportunities for growth. Regardless of age or experience, our aim is to foster personal development, ignite creativity, and boost self-confidence through education.
Our executive team

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Dr. Lou Graham
Co-Founder and President
Erin McLaughlan-Graham
Co-Founder and CEO
Shawnie Cahuya
VP, Operations & Marketing
Lisa Graybrook
Director, Continuing Education
Saran Hurd
Director, Speaker Bureau
Alyssa Nugent
Director, Marketing
Jackie Amjadi
Program Manager, Speaker Bureau
Courtney Sproat
Marketing Specialist, Online Education

Our Vision

Our vision at Catapult Education is to revolutionize the field of dentistry by providing exceptional and innovative dental education that empowers clinicians to reach their full potential and make a lasting impact in the lives of their patients. 
Our educational content is guided by 3 core principles. They are:
  • To become a leading provider of high-quality dental education, offering a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of dentistry.
  • To create an inclusive learning environment that fosters the personal and professional development of dental clinicians from all backgrounds and levels of experience.
  • To inspire and empower clinicians to become skilled, ethical, and compassionate dental practitioners who can make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.
Our educational board

The future of dentistry

Dr. Lou Graham
Board Chair
Dr. Marc Geissberger
Board Director
Dr. Foroud Hakim
Board Member
Dr. Ron Kaminer
Board Member
Dr. Ankur Gupta
Board Member
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