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Everx Flow Composite

"Flowable and injectable composites have become all the rage in dentistry. It seems as if a new one is released every week. Very few of these materials have characteristics that make them significantly different from others on the market. Catapult Educators evaluated a new injectable product that appears to be unique: everX Flow™ by GC America, a short fiber-reinforced flowable composite for dentin replacement."
Dr. Peter Auster

GC America Testimonials

Robert Marus, DDS

"GC’s G-ænial™ Universal Injectable composite will change the way you practice! Being able to literally inject a high strength aesthetic restorative material into a preparation, develop margins simultaneously and have it stack in place uncured saves a tremendous amount of chair time. The syringe tip is your placement instrument!"

Mark Kleive, DDS

"GC America’s 2-bottle adhesive system is my new “go-to” bonding system. Because of its universal bonding system properties, in every clinical situation I’m confident I’m providing long-lasting restorations with a strong bond layer and virtually no post-operative sensitivity."

Ron Kaminer, DDS

"everX Flow™ is an outstanding material for build ups and dentin replacement. The short-fiber reinforced composite gives me the added strength needed for even the most challenging of situations. Its unique handling makes it easy to place and sculpt prior to light curing. I highly recommend this material for anyone doing a lot of crown and bridge."

Jeanette MacLean, DDS

"EQUIA Forte® HT, Bulk Fill Glass Hybrid Restorative from GC America has been a game changer for my practice. It is strong, wear resistant, and esthetic like a resin composite, but with the beneficial hydrophilic and fluoride releasing properties of a glass ionomer. I use it for a wide range of treatments, and it has been amazing for my high caries risk patients and isolation challenges."

Miles Cone, DMD

"As a dual-certified prosthodontist and lab technician, maintaining a streamlined product inventory is critical to my workflow at the chair and at the bench. The new self-adhesive cement from GC America, G-CEM ONE™ Self-Adhesive Resin Cement, has quickly become my go to resin for bonding restorations in the mouth and luting my implant components together in the laboratory prior to delivery. The high-strength, easy clean up, and outstanding aesthetic properties make the addition of this cement to my prosthetic armantarium an obvious choice for increasing the practicality and predictability of operating a highly efficient dental specialty practice."

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Self-adhesive resin cement
The ONE that simplifies all cementation procedures.
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Dr. Robert Marus Demos G-ænial™ Universal Injectable & everX Flow™

G-ænial™ Universal Injectable is destined to be a game-changer in restorative dentistry. With its unique characteristics it will truly transform the way you work. 
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Product Talk - Robert Margeas, DDS on EQUIA Forte® HT

Robert Margeas, DDS, shares his experience using GC America EQUIA Forte® HT with the host of Product Talk, Mike DiTolla, DDS.
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Kara RDH Discusses GC Fuji TRIAGE® Glass Ionomer Sealant

GC Fuji TRIAGE® is the revolutionary glass ionomer sealant and surface protectant. It is fantastic at keeping young patients' teeth cavity-free. There is no isolation or bonding agent required. 

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