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Product Review:
GC America's everXFlow Composite

GC America’s everX Flow Composite Grades Out Well

Year after year, updated composites enter the marketplace and their changes are often more like “me too” products then true disruption. Catapult Education was asked to review GC America’s new everXFlow, a uniquely constructed fiber reinforced injectable composite that can be utilized in multiple different ways in reconstructing a tooth. GC presents everXFlow as a unique solution that this short fiber reinforced resin matrix possesses an excellent fracture toughness close to that of dentin. As a direct restorative, this enables the material to efficiently reinforce large posterior restorations, in combination with a conventional composite as enamel layer but in a far more fracture resistant restoration. In regard to handling, GC presents the material as a very thixotropic viscosity which allows it to flow and adapt perfectly to the cavity floor, but without any slumping - even when used in upper molars. The bulk fill can be placed up to 5.5 mm and layering is optional. There were 17 reviewers of this product and everXFlow was clinically used in 5 different ways and here are the findings. The group was asked what we are using for a variety of clinical situations, from class 1-6 direct restorations along with core-buildups and a variety of composite formulations were stated along with RMGI’s and GI’s. This reflects the multiple options for direct restorative dentistry and directed the true first question to ponder whether everXFlow could fit into our armamentarium of such product offerings. In jumping to that answer, 70% of the group said they would purchase this product and over 50% stated they would use this product multiple times a day. Additional results show:
  • 66% of the group covered everXFlow with a capping composite
  • Over 75% used a traditional paste/pack composite type material
  • The viscosity was rated 43% excellent, 25% very good and 31% good
  • Wettability was rated 35% excellent, 35% very good and 17% good
  • Handling was rated at 40% excellent, 26% very good and 26% good with one doctor finding it acceptable
  • In evaluating the dentin shade for opacity/shade after light curing, the group rated 75% optimal
  • In evaluating the bulk fill shade for opacity/shade after light curing, the group rated 71% optimal
  • In evaluating the overall esthetic result after a final composite was layered over the dentin shade of everXFlow was 24% excellent, 29% very good, 41% were good and one doctor found it acceptable
  • In evaluating the overall esthetic result after a final composite was layered over the bulk fill shade of everXFlow was 31% excellent, 25% very good, 37% good and 1 doctor found it acceptable
  • Overall evaluation of everXFlow was 35% excellent, 47% very good, 12% good and 1 doctor again found it acceptable
  • 56% of the evaluators would purchase both shades while 31% said they would purchase the dentin shade only 12% would purchase the bulk fill only
  • Usage rate was across the board but over 50% said they would use this product multiple times a day

With those results, let us take a deep dive into the comments as there were plenty from the group!
Strength was often referenced from, “this shit is the bomb” to being strong as an amazing product and equally asking, what do the studies show on flexural strength and other related properties.
Some love the flowability or in a sense the lack of such, but some questioned the adaptability and the viscosity.

 Additional questions related to:
  1. Can the fibers wick with moisture?
  2. The flow from the tip was found by another viewer not to be consistent, resulting in clumping and asked was it the tip or their technique?
  3. Additional reviewers asked about a universal tip
  4. Additional reviewers asked about studies and related data which are essential for podium presentations.

Is this a game a game changer in restorative dentistry? One of the persistent challenges in dentistry are fractured teeth that often result in either endodontic therapy, full coverage or extraction. If the studies confirm the fracture resistance, flexural strength, along with properties such as marginal integration and adaptability, this product will present itself in dentistry as a game changer. The Bulk Fill formulation offers its own unique characteristics and may have a large indication for restoring geriatric patients in a faster far time efficient manner and potentially other indications such as over your injectable flowable and then as a bulk fill restorative in endodontically accessed previous crown restorations. Yes, there are plenty of discussions ahead.
Based on the current review, Catapult Education is proud to give the Catapult Vote of Confidence and congratulations to GC.
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