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G-CEM ONE Offers
a Simple Solution for
Everyday Procedures

Evaluator’s found GC America’s dual-cure, self- adhesive resin cement to be a reliable, efficient cementation product.

Dentistry continues to evolve on multiple levels, with changes in indirect restorative materials, the need for reproducible results, and implementation of cementation.
Cementation is highly influenced by variabilities in tooth preparation and length, enamel and dentin substrates, restorative properties, and surface adhesion, as well as curing light transmission through the materials, which is compromised with metal and zirconia.

Many dentists around the world have this “wish list” of qualities:
} Reliable: optimal performance for retentive and nonretentive preparations
} Universal: excellent bond strength to tooth and all substrates, including zirconia, metal alloys, glass ceramics, and hybrid ceramics
} Technique insensitive: exceptional self-curing ability and moisture tolerance for peace of mind
} Esthetic: invisible, wear- resistant margins for esthetic outcomes
} Simple: reduced inventory, reproducible results, and opti- mized workflow

Fortunately, GC America recently developed G-CEM ONETM—a dual-cure, self-adhesive resin cement with high adhesive bond strength, which can be used for extended indications when using
its optional Adhesive Enhancing Primer (AEP). The objective of this system is to provide dentists with one simple solution for all day-to-day procedures.
The beauty of AEP is that it can be
applied and dried without light curing. With the GC America’s Touch Cure technology, the accelerator in the AEP reacts with the initiator
in the cement during crown luting, which enhances curing capacity independent of light. It not only overcomes the light transmission issue in all restorations, it also reliably overcomes challenging situations such as:

} Renewal of an old crown
} Limited height of abutment
} Low retentive preparations for
onlays, inlays, and veneers
} Saliva contamination

Fifteen members of Catapult Education were asked to evaluate G-CEM ONE, which is built on tried-and-true existing technology. The evaluators typically use a resin-modified glass ionomer or other resin cement for most of their cementations. In terms of finding a supreme cement, the evaluators were overwhelmingly looking for one that could be used on all substrates and would be easy to handle and clean up. Surprisingly, although many thought bond strength was important, it didn’t seem as important as the handling and cleanup of the material.

Most of the evaluators cemented at least 5 restorations with the material and, to this date, this evaluator has cemented more than 40. The most common restoration cemented was hybrid ceramic inlays and onlays, followed by porcelain-fused- to-metal bridges, and then lithium disilicatecrownsandzirconia crowns. The following is what the group found:

More than 80% of the evaluators noted that they used the adhesive primer most of the time, with one evaluator stat- ing, “If I could add more bond strength,why wouldn’t I use it?”
Handling was not an issue for anyone, with nearly 99% of the evaluators liking how G-CEM ONE handled. Evaluators noted that the syringe size and extrusion force of the material was also very good.

Cleanupmethodsvaried between evaluators; 60% of the evaluators tack cured the materialandthencleaneditup, and the remainder waited for it to partially set and cleaned it up easily when it was rubbery or usedabrushtowipeawaythe cement when wet. More than 90% felt cement removal was easy.

More than 80% said they would purchase the G-CEM ONE, and 100% said they would recommend this to a colleague.

Overall, the group of 15 doctors were very impressed with many of the added features. This is a strong evaluation, especially in a product category for which every clinician is looking for a more idyllic solution.
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