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Science and Dentistry. Bonded.

At BISCO "adhesion is our passion" and we are dedicated to understanding and improving restorative dentistry.
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Catapult Vote of Confidence™ Products by BISCO


TheraCem® is a novel self-adhesive, calcium- and fluoride-releasing*, dual-cure resin cement. 


TheraBase is a new dual-cured, calcium- and fluoride-releasing self-adhesive liner and base.

TheraCal LC®

 TheraCal LC is in a new class of materials called Resin Modified Calcium Silicates (RMCS).

TheraCal PT®

The first simple-to-place pulpotomy treatment.

Duo-Link Universal™

Universal adhesive cementation system.



TheraCem®, TheraBase®, TheraCal LC®, TheraCal PT®, & Duo-Link Universal™

Product Review Testimonials

“TheraCem is an essential part of our clinical protocol. Its capability to be utilized with so many different materials and in so many clinical situations makes it an invaluable addition to our crown and bridge treatments. We love TheraCem’s ease of use and simple cleanup. We use ThereCem every day!”
Dr. Gary M Radz
“I use TheraBase because it gives me a feeling of security knowing that the patient is less likely to experience post-operative sensitivity.”

Dr. Alex Vasserman
“TheraCal LC has been our go-to material for direct and indirect vital pulp capping procedures. Our success rate with keeping the nerve tissues vital after using TheraCal LC has changed the way that we diagnose and treat. Consequently, we are doing less root canal procedures, and our patients are thrilled."
Dr. Mark Malterud
“Pulpotomies with TheraCal PT from BISCO are easy, fast, efficient, and effective. You can count on BISCO to produce reliable materials every time.”
Dr. Carla Cohn
“The ease of use, easy cleanup, versatility, and strength make Duo-Link Universal an exceptional product.”
Dr. Charles Rubin
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