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The Future of Floss

Start cleaning with the ONLY 3-in-1 electric flosser on the market!

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Slate believes flossing should be easy, and cavities and bleeding gums shouldn't be normal.
Which is why we made the Slate Electric Flosser.

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Catapult Vote of Confidence™

A Game Changer 

SLATE Electric Flosser

Slate is a game changer in the world of flossing and oral care, and we are thrilled to have evaluated this product and given it the Catapult Vote of Confidence™.
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Why Choose Slate?

The goal of flossing is not to just pass a piece of string between our teeth. The goal is to remove as much of the plaque and bacteria from between our teeth as possible. Slate is a one-of-a-kind, safe for the environment, and good for your health product.



No other product provides you the massaging gum sweeper, tongue scraper, and flosser in ONE product!


Good For The Environment

Slate floss heads can keep almost 700 floss picks  from hitting the landfill each year. 


Safe For Your Health

Slate Flossers are free of wax, toxins, and Teflon (no PFAs or PTFE).


Designed by Dentists

Slate Flossers' patented Gum Sweeps stimulate the embrasure area to improve gum health and allow hygienists to efficiently clean the area in less time.


Flossing for Everyone

Slate Flossers are designed to provide greater access and ease to those who do not have the dexterity to floss with traditional methods.

Provider Reviews

"My favorite thing about the Slate Electric Flosser is how it cleans embrasures with ease. I feel that a lot of my patients would benefit from a flosser like this because so many of them floss I ineffectively by just going up and down. With the Slate, I feel like I have to do way less work to get a better clean!"

Dr. Brittany Baker, DMD

"I love that you can actually reach the backside of the second molars! This device is a game changer for so many patients whom do not have the dexterity to floss with traditional methods. Also love the eco friendly aspect with reusable replacement heads!"

Amanda O'Brien, RDH

"How easy it is to use and how effective it is. The sonic vibrations help the floss pass through tight contacts, and those same vibrations assist in removing more plaque and bacteria than floss alone. By sliding the floss head from side to side, the amazing Gum Sweeps help to clean the hardest-to-reach corners of the teeth. The Slate Electric Flosser is a total game-changer."

Dr. Danny Snyder

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Patient Reviews

I just left my dentist appointment. I have been on “periomaintenance”  so I have been going in for cleanings every 4 months for the past couple of years. They took new measurements today and all my 5’s are gone and most of my 4’s have become 3’s!!! I started using the Slate Flosser in November and it has been a game changer for me, which is evident from the good news I received during the two visits I’ve had since then. Not only is the Slate Flosser effective, but it has made me into a “daily flosser.” Thank you for a great product!
— Jenny
At my last dental cleaning I was told I had a few spots of concern with the deterioration of my gums and would potentially need surgery to relocate healthy gum and to flush out the gingivitis. They gave me till my next cleaning to see if I could improve the situation before the next steps. They weren't optimistic but I immediately started using the Slate Flosser with the recommended mouthwash and I just had my cleaning where I shocked them! Those gum spots that were previously 5's & even 6's were now 2's & 3's and I got to avoid a more serious situation! I was a flosser before but now I have every confidence that the Slate flosser is far superior tool to get and keep my mouth healthy. Thank you Slate team!
— Tracy H.
I have to tell you how wonderful your product is. I’ve struggled during my teeth cleanings with a lot of plaque and usually a lot of gum bleeding. I did floss my teeth daily with a conventional floss pick. I just left my dentist and they were so impressed that they was almost no plaque and ny gums absolutely did not bleed. They asked me what I changed and I showed them the slate flosser. I was so happy to not have them use the cavitron and leave the dentist without any soreness in my mouth. Thank you again!!
— Felecia