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The Future of Dentistry,
Powered by AI.

Our solutions are backed by unrivaled technological expertise and enterprise-level support to set the highest bar for dental AI.

Supercharge Your Practice
with the Power of AI

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Second Opinion®

Elevate clinical outcomes and build patient trust with dentistry's most advanced AI-powered real-time pathology detection and case presentation aid.
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Practice Intelligence®

Spin practice data into profit, practitioner performance and patient health with computer vision-enabled clinical performance insights from the global leader in dental AI.


Industry-Leading Technology

GAN-Based Enhancement

Generative Adversarial Network pre-processors enhance images to ensure that radiologic analysis can be completed even when x-rays are degraded, over/underexposed or contain digital artifacts


Computer vision segmentation models distinguish individual tooth parts and supporting structures to provide localizing insight on the nature and extent of detected conditions.


Image preprocessors and expertly trained radiologic machine vision models work in unison to detect pathologic, restorative and anatomical features found in dental x-rays.


Detection and segmentation capabilities work in unison to assess the size of anatomical structures and scope of decay.

Customer Testimonials

"All the way through my workflow, it's making things easier, more simple, more efficient, and is keeping my mind assured and also reassuring my patients."

Millie Morrison
"We are loving Second Opinion. We use it on every patient that we take x-rays on. The patients are loving the technology as well. Thank you!"

Dr. Brett Sperbeck
"Pearl has been a very big asset to our practice. I think it would be to anyone's."

Dr. Randy Machen
"Beyond the best investment this year."

Dr. Lou Graham
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