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What we do

The Catapult Organization represents everything that is amazing about the field of dentistry. We aim to provide the highest quality education, the best access to product, and the marketing outreach to take your business to the next level and beyond. We’re glad you’re here.

Shape Your Thriving Practice. We Show You How.™

The word “shaping” is defined as the deliberate process of coming to a very specific form—to evolve or develop something, especially favorably.
Thriving practices are deliberately shaped. Relevant, actionable, pragmatic CE can become the foundation upon which this is accomplished. It all starts with CE.

Curated by dentists, for dentists

Dentistry has changed. And today, it’s difficult for doctors and team members to justify spending their valuable time on CE just for the sake of getting credit hours. What they’re learning must have context and application for the practice, and it must translate into personal and/or practice growth.
“It’s such an amazing time to be in this profession. The opportunities are remarkable. And Catapult Education’s mantra is to help practices thrive in this dynamic environment.”

Dr. Lou Graham, DDS

"I love the journey. I always know where I'm going, but it's the unknowns that keep me coming back. That's what's so great about dentistry...the innovations, if you're looking out for them, are constant, awe-inspiring, and endless."

Dr. Miles Cone, DMD

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