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Product Review:
Two Striper® Diamond Burs

High-quality diamond burs aid in delivering predictable restorative dentistry

 Diamond burs are used by dentists in all facets of dentistry and are an essential part of daily practice. Dentists will utilize numerous styles, grits, and shapes of diamond burs throughout their career while performing restorative dentistry.
In a recent survey following a clinical evaluation of Two Striper diamond burs from Premier Dental Company, 27 Catapult Education Evaluators identified many of their top attributes when selecting diamond burs. The evaluators highlighted “speed of cutting” (77.8 percent), “variety of shapes” (66.7 percent) and “price” (55.6 percent) as their top priorities when considering a bur purchase. Consideration was also given to “variety of grits” (55.5 percent), “feel and handling” (51.9 percent), “lack of vibration or chatter” (48.1 percent) and “bur longevity” (37 percent).

In today’s competitive environment, clinicians are showing strong preference towards speed and price to help manage overhead costs and decrease required chair time for procedures. The preferences towards varieties of shape and grit also note the need for predictability of procedures while managing overhead costs.

In order to deliver high-quality patient outcomes in an efficient and productive manner, clinicians must choose diamond burs that support the style and productivity of their practice. After evaluating the various properties of multiple types of diamond burs, a clinician will undoubtedly develop a preference.

Catapult Evaluators were provided samples of Two Striper diamond burs. Two Striper burs are leading the industry with the development of faster, longer lasting, cooler cutting technology in their diamond burs. Two Striper burs feature a proprietary P.B.S. brazing process for all their diamonds to bond natural diamond crystals to the shank of the bur. This bonding process ensures diamond crystals do not fall off the shank during clinical procedures.

The purpose of this evaluation was to garner feedback on performance, longevity, and the cutting quality of Two Striper diamond burs compared to the other brands each clinician has used.

To assess the performance of the Two Striper diamond burs, each clinician was asked to compare the speed of cutting to other brands they have used; 74.1 percent of respondents rated Two Striper faster while 25.9 percent responded, “about the same.”

Next, to determine if Two Striper lasts longer than other brands, the participant dentists were asked, “How long did Two Striper remain an effective rotary cutting tool compared to other brands you have used?” While 26.9 percent reported similar bur longevity compared to other brands, 73.1 percent of the dentists surveyed responded that Two Striper burs lasted longer with 34.6 percent noting they “last much longer.”

Lastly, the dentists were asked about the quality of Two Striper burs by assessing cutting control and precision compared to other brands they have used, and 59.3 percent felt they created more precise cuts while also being more controllable than other brands. Overall, more than 85 percent of Catapult Evaluators would consider incorporating Two Striper burs into their practice.

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(Fig. 1) Pre-operative photo of a patient wishing to change out her anterior bondings and single-unit crown for esthetics.
(Fig. 2) After completion of orthodontics, preparations were completed using the Two Striper Diamond Crown pack of five burs. Smooth margins and walls resulted from preparation with diamond burs.
(Fig. 3) Final delivery of restorations with a high level of predictability due to well-executed preparations.

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