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SDI Pola Rapid

A New In-Office Whitening
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Americans are spending over $1.4 billion annually on OTC teeth whitening products. Beauty standards that were once only applied to celebrities and the wealthy are now the norm for everyone. Whiter and brighter teeth have been linked to social competence, intellectual ability, successful interpersonal relationships, and even psychological stability. Today, patients have many teeth whitening options available, including whitening strips, rinses and gels, custom-fitted whitening trays, toothpastes, and in-office procedures. Many of these products are being directly advertised to patients, especially through social media, which creates a global market of all ages for whitening. More than 1 million Americans whiten their teeth annually, and it is the number 1 cosmetic procedure requested by patients between 20 and 50 years old (Figure1). To meet the increasing demand and ensure safe techniques are being used, in-office teeth whitening procedures are desirable and should be offered in every dental practice. Pola Rapid is a new fast in-office whitening treatment from SDI. It contains 38% hydrogen peroxide gel with built-in desensitizers. It also contains fluoride and whitens teething just a 24-minute treatment time (Figure 2). Pola Rapid uses potassium nitrate and a high-water content ratio to maximize patient comfort and reduce treatment time. The nonstick gel is a vibrant blue. It is applied easily with its brush tip applicator and is also removed easily (use a surgical suction for best results). The new formula stays on the teeth well, with no dripping or slumping. Although light activation is not necessary, the Radii Xpert light cane utilized with the Pola Whitening Stand (Figure 3). The stand is small and mobile, so it can be moved between operatories. There have been some reports that mild increases in temperature can increase the effect of whitening. The Evaluation Twelve Catapult reviewers participated in this evaluation. All of the reviewers currently offer in-office whitening using a variety of other whitening products. Of these 12 reviewers, 100%found the gel was easy to apply and stayed in place. They were unanimous in finding the gel highly visible, easy to remove, and safe to use as intended. Eighty percent found the price-dure was quick and 75% were happy with the results. When asked to rate Pola Rapid,36% of evaluators felt it was better than their current in-office whitening system. Forty-five percent of evaluators found Pola Rapid to be similar, and just 2 reviewers liked their current product better. In general, sensitivity is reported as the number 1 adverse effect of teeth whitening. Pola Rapid is formulated with potassium nitrate and a high-water content to minimize sensitivity. A majority (84%) of evaluators found no sensitivity when using Pola Rapid. Reviewers also found the gingival barrier easy to use and apply. They also liked the brush tip that came with the kit. When asked if the reviewers would recommend Pola Rapid, 100%said they would recommend it to a colleague. Pola Rapid is a great choice forepart of your in-office whitening menu. SDI Pola Rapid and the Pola Whitening Stand provide excellent results, convenience, and ease of use and has earned the Catapult Vote of Confidence.

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