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Dental Innovation Since 1947

Pulpdent’s research and product development is directed toward unlocking nature’s healing powers with bioactive materials that mimic the physical and chemical properties of tooth structure, behave favorably in the moist oral environment, and maximize the potential for remineralization.

Pulpdent's Founding Principles


Pulpdent is dedicated to the continuing education of dental professionals.


Pulpdent's mission is to save teeth, so patients' can live in comfort, with confidence.

Proactive Dental Care

We believe in the least invasive treatmnt to start, and to create an environment that is favorable for the natural healing process.

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A Few Pulpdent Products

ACTIVA™ Bioactive Restorative

Patented bioactive resin, ideally used for bulk fill restorations. 


A cement that needs no etching, no bonding and is dual cure.

ACTIVA™ Presto™

ACTIVA Presto is a versatile, highly esthetic, bioactive material indicated for all classes of cavities and load-bearing applications.

Embrace™ Varnish

A 5% Sodium Fluoride withCXP™ varnich. 

Embrace™ Pit & Fissure Sealant

Embrace is a moisture tolerant, ionicresin that behaves favorably in the moistoral environment and bonds to themoist tooth

Lime-Lite™ Enhanced

Lime-Lite Enhanced is a moisture friendly cavity liner that protects against sensitivity

Tuff-Temp™ Plus

A provisional crown and bridge dual cure, snap-set, and fracture resistant material.. 

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To request a product demonstration from your local Pulpdent Area Representative, we invite you to complete the form provided. 

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