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Prexion's Excelsior Pro

"Congratulations to Prexion for their advanced continued research into bringing this next stage CBCT to the dental market."
Dr. Lou Graham

PreXion Testimonials

“With Its versatility and precision, our Prexion CBCT has revolutionized my approach to comprehensive patient care. From TMD to airway management and full mouth rehabilitation, Prexion has taken our practice to the next level.”
“With PreXion’s image quality, software capability, and customer support I can’t imagine anyone not using the PreXion CBCT who has an implant practice. The peace of mind and confidence this beings to every case – from the most simple to the most complex – is priceless.”
“With the PreXion CBCT, I now have the ability to comprehensively diagnose, plan, and treat every patient with confidence and accuracy. This technology directly impacts everything from sinus lifts, implant placement, bone grafting, surgical extractions, and more. This is absolutely the most valuable diagnostic tool in my practice.”

Featured Videos

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Mouse Functions-Adjusting Images

Basic mouse functions explained and demonstrated along with the option for those users who prefer touch pads to perform the same. Items are fast/slow scrolling, slicing, zoom, panning, window leveling (contrast, brightness) plus comparison to icons to select for those users who prefer touchpads only.
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Mandibular Canal Marking

How to mark the mandibular nerve canal techniques. Emphasis in aligning all the MPR views and preferred 3D template set before the actual markings begin. Also see the ALT key pinpoint in 3 Views instructional video for reference however this video includes discussion of that technique too.
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Crop, 3D-Slab and MIP

How to cut away specific regions or remove unwanted sections even if just temporarily. The slab allows 3D to be sliced and the MIP feature converts 3D images into CT images while retaining the functionality of the 3D display.

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