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NSK Electric Handpiece

"All of the reviewers involved in this evaluation were electric handpiece users and loved the NLZ handpiece."
Catapult Education Team

NSK America Corp Testimonials

“Anything that will make my life as a dentist easier or quicker is great on my list!”
“The NSK Z95L handpiece is unique as it packs a super strong punch within a small head design . The small head not only allows for great visibility but also allows you to use a high powered handpiece in situations of limited opening and even pediatric Dentistry The titanium handpiece is also fairly light and let's not forget the bright illumination emanating from the handpiece . No one can go wrong with this handpiece as it is a true winner!”
“I've been using the new NSK Nano motor and handpieces for the past 6 months now and I have to say it's been one of the most comfortable and ergonomic systems I've have used. The light weight and smoothness of handling are exceptional. Definitely a system to consider for any practice.”

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