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Product Review:
MI Paste®ONE Kids

Toothpaste Tackles Tough
Preventive Pediatric Care

New product designed especially for children earns excellent reviews.
by Sonny Spera, DDS

Treating children is a challenge for most dentists. Although many general clinicians treat young patients, most would agree that adequate decay removal, consistent isolation, and proper bonding of a long-term restoration are some of the most difficult tasks in their children’s repertoire. Thus, the best solution is to prevent decay from occurring in the first place.

There are many over-the-counter and prescription products that all claim to prevent decay, and most can make this claim because they include fluoride. GC America, a leader in the development and dispensation of high quality dental products, introduced MI Paste® ONE in 2018 as a unique preventive option that combines ions of calcium, phosphate, and fluoride. Much market research was done on the product, and it continues to be highly regarded. Its limitation, however, was that it did not have some of the features that make toothpaste appealing to children. Products that are tasty and appealing must also have great efficacy. Those that combine both properties are the ones that can really have a marked impact on dispensation and usage in general and pediatric offices. 

Currently, our panel has recommended the following brands and products: Crest, Pronamel, Colgate, MI Paste ONE Kids, Colgate PreviDent, Clinpro 5000 (prescription), Common Sense Teeth Cleaning Powder (for fluoride-free patients), Sensodyne, FluoriMax, and Supersmile.

With the plethora of fluoride-based products available on the market, we are challenged with respect to what we recommend and how it will be received. It is important to have a product we can stand behind that will also appeal to patients.

So often, on the popular show Shark Tank, the sharks ask, “Does it satisfy a need?” When evaluating new products, we must ask not only that question but also “Will it be useful, well-received, and replace a current product?”

GC America, a leader in the development of products for dental offices and patients, has developed a product for kids called MI Paste® ONE Kids, which delivers fluoride in a more appealing way while preserving some of the foamy consistency most consumers equate with a “good clean feeling” after using.


The evaluators at Catapult Education clinically reviewed and tested the three flavors of MI Paste ONE Kids: blue raspberry, cotton candy, and bubble gum (33% each). The product was said to have a “pleasant but not overwhelming taste,” and 1 commenter said, “I tried all 3 and loved them myself!” When it came to consistency it was found to spread well in the mouth during brushing as well as to apply on a toothbrush.

evaluators found the ease of use and foaming quality very important factors when selecting a toothpaste for children to be good or excellent. They also stated that it was “creamy,” “very easy to use,” and easy for children to use.

And what about that clean, fresh 
feeling after brushing, the other quality hallmark if we are to have a product that children and adults will endorse. Most (78%) of evaluators
rated the product as excellent or good.
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Evaluators also found the flavor, smell, packaging, and cow image to be good or excellent 75% of the time, while 78% of them considered the kid-friendly labeling as favorable. 

The instructions were “great” with “fresh packaging.” The smell was overwhelmingly acceptable, noted as “pleasant” and “very appealing.” In one instance, the evaluator said that “kids loved the flavors.” The favorite almost across the board with children was cotton candy, with blue raspberry coming in third. However, adults seemed to prefer blue raspberry.




"Having flavor options for any dental supplement for kids is a plus.”

When asked about overall experience, 78% of evaluators rated it as good or excellent. One said the product had “a nice consistency” and another that having “flavor options for any dental supplement for kids is a plus.” When asked the million-dollar question—Would you replace your recommendations with MI Paste ONE Kids?—more than 75% said they would and would use it for daily brushing. One said, “My 9-year-old daughter loved every flavor and gave a big thumbs up! She is so picky with flavors, so that is huge! She made a little video to share!” Another said, “I would recommend it as an option. Win-Win, fluoride and calcium.”

This product can replace most of the currently recommended toothpastes for children. According to evaluation results, it more than satisfies the need for a tasty, foamy dentifrice that has fluoride and is useful for pediatric patients.

Due to the overall positive feedback from Catapult evaluators, it is a pleasure to award GC America the Catapult Vote of Confidence™.

Catapult evaluators give the Catapult Vote of Confidence™ to 
GC America's MI Paste® One Kids

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