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Making Communication Simple

Mango Voice is an enterprise-grade VoIP business phone system based in the cloud especially designed for phone system needs of small and medium businesses. Whether you are at the office or on the go, Mango gives you the tools you need to engage customers on a whole new level. Best VoIP phones for small business!
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Enterprise-grade VoIP Built for Small Business

Work From Anywhere

Our office is now available wherever and whenever you need it. Working remote has never been so easy with the Go Mobile and Mango Web App that keeps you connected to customers, patients, and team members.

Integrate Your Workflow

Know who’s calling your office instantly with ScreenPop via our partnerships. Display client info for better customer experiences and increased efficiency.

Design Your Solution

Customize your call flow with features such as auto attendants, set office hours, and specialized greetings with a click of a mouse.

Call Center Dashboard

With multiple people calling into your office at the same time, calls are put into a queue!

What Can Mango do for Dental Offices?

Streamline Your Business

We’ve developed secure and efficient systems for the dental industries, and are constantly working at increasing who we can help.

SMS Notifications

Did you know that most text messages are read within 3 seconds? Take advantage of Mango+ and send and receive text messages from your business phone number.

Screen Pops

Easily view customer balances, payment history, appointments, and more when a customer calls.

Secure eFax

Use our super-secure eFax to send and receive important or sensitive document via fax. Use your email to send AND view faxes.


Click to dial customer via webphone or deskphone without manual dialing.

Live Call Analytics

Identify where calls come from, and how they are handled by your staff.

Modify Your Call System with Drag and Drop

Utilizing our Digital Switchboard is a breeze. Select operations from a list, effortlessly drag them onto a dial plan, and rearrange them as needed. Once satisfied, a simple click on save activates the changes instantly. It's that easy!
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 See how we help thousands of dental offices

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