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One-Step Bone Grafting Solution for Socket Preservation

Impladent is the proud manufacturer of the OsteoGen® Bone Grafting Plugs - the one-step solution for socket preservation without the need for a membrane. The OsteoGen® Plug combines our OsteoGen® bioactive resorbable calcium apatite bone graft with a bovine achilles tendon collagen matrix to yield the easiest and most affordable way to graft your extraction sites.



OsteoGen® Plug Awarded the Catapult Vote of Confidence™

A New Generation

When asked about the ease of use of the OsteoGen Plug, 9 of 10 Catapult evaluators found it to be easy or very easy. A similar percentage of evaluators chose not to place a membrane after packing the plug into place and found that not being required to place a membrane was “one of the great features of the product.” The second most favorable quality of the OsteoGen® Plug was the ability to cut it to accommodate different-sized and bi- or trifurcated sockets. 

Witness The OsteoGen® Plug In Action

Protect your patients' gum walls effortlessly with OsteoGen plugs. No membrane required for effectiveness or to prevent unwanted particles from entering the extraction site. Simply insert the plug into the socket dry and suture in place.
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"The OsteoGen® products are the most versatile grafting products on the market today.  I am always finding new applications to use them and they are currently my go-to for everything from socket preservation to sinus elevations.  I look forward to new products from Impladent Limited that contain the OsteoGen® bioactive resorbable crystals and will continue to find new ways to utilize them in my practice."
Dr. Charles Schlesinger
"The OsteoGen® materials have proven to be an efficient means of socket preservation in preparation for future implant placement and also can be used for grafting during immediate implant positioning. The predictable bone turnover is easily demonstrated radiographically providing me confidence in bone turnover.  It is the simplest and most cost effective method for creating ample amounts of quality hard tissue.  I use OsteoGen® nearly every day in my practice and it is the material of choice in most of my grafting situations."
Dr. Timothy Kosinski
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