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Dr. Graham is an internationally recognized lecturer extensively involved in continuing education for dental professionals. His lectures focus on incorporating current clinical advancements through “conservative dentistry.”

He emphasizes the same concepts he practices: dental health diagnosis, treatment plans for medically compromised patients, conservative treatment, cosmetic dentistry, and customized approaches to periodontal care, implants and laser dentistry. 

Dr. Graham is the founder of the Catapult Education, a continuing education company whose philosophy and programs use contemporary, interactive formats to ntegrate time-proven conservative dentistry with 21st century materials and techniques. Dr. Graham is a published author in many leading national and international dental journals.


He is a member of the American Dental Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry, Chicago Dental Society and Illinois Dental Association. Dr. Graham is a graduate of Emory Dental School. He is the former Dental Director of the University of Chicago’s Department of Dentistry. 

He enjoys providing dental care at his multi-specialty private practice group, University Dental Professionals, in Chicago, IL – Hyde Park.

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Courses Offered

Lou Graham, DDS is an accomplished speaker available to speak at your event for half-day, full-day and multi-day lectures, custom courses, and hands-on workshops.

Diagnostically Driven Dentistry: The Business of Dentistry and How it All Fits Together
In dentistry, superior diagnostics relates to creating more efficient methodologies to result in better decision making and ultimately a higher quality of care and long-term success. Ultimately these diagnostics can actually lower the costs to the patient by creating far more customized approaches to their dental care and equally create the ideal treatment plans for long term success. This course will take the attendee into modern day general dentistry and demonstrate why the GP must be in control in how they integrate treatments with their specialists. Throughout the day, the business of dentistry will be presented, integrating the latest in software technologies and “actionable analytics” to demonstrate clear pathways in creating office/hygiene growth. This is a great team course and is designed with common sense approaches to drive your office forward.


  • Creating the ideal initial exam, customized per patient and how it intertwines with your in office dental plan

  • How transillumination, fluorescence, digital imaging and CBCT technology truly supplement your explorers and 2D x-rays

  • Today’s recall exam, why it becomes the health of your practice

  • New protocols that truly challenge traditional dentistry

  • Today’s initial exam and why CBCT imaging will be replacing the FMX, and it will!

  • Truly Personalizing your communications, why it is not an option!

  • The latest in clinical treatments that include:  treating refractory periodontal disease, selective caries removal, digital scanning, and a novel approach to implant restorative single units

  • Why KPI’s are becoming essential to your practice and which analytics are the keys to your office’s growth

The Challenges in Restorative Dentistry

Success is a very interesting word as it relates to a dental procedure.  What is a successful restoration?  Is it one that lasts 5 years, or 10 or 15 or 20 plus?  Or, did it prolong the life of the tooth until another replacement restoration was required?  What is success? This course is all about expanding your game as a general dentist, and covers topics that are essential to understand and equally, deliver to our patients.


  • Direct Pulp Capping: The steps to success with the right materials
  • Treating Resorptive Lesions: The challenges and successes
  • Treating Cracked Teeth: Trying to make sense of it! What does the literature really say?
  • The Single Implant Crown: 3 options and yes, they are all different
  • Socket Grafting and Temporization: It’s all about the planning and what to utilize
Advanced Concepts in Restorative Direct and Indirect Dentistry

For over 100 years, the standard of care for caries diagnostics has been the explorer and x-rays.   Let’s all agree that if you are utilizing these as your solo tools for caries diagnostics, you are simply guessing way too much when to pick up the drill and equally, you are so limiting your patients on what truly you could offer them, both in prevention and early minimally invasive treatment.  The am program will challenge you with new protocols for care, problem solve many of the issues today in direct restorative dentistry. The program then transitions into far more challenging casework that will include both direct and indirect restorative clinical care.  This full day program will update the attendee with the latest in adhesion dentistry along with many of the latest techniques and materials available today.


  • Modern Day Diagnostics: Is it time to put down your explorer and truly compliment your digital x-rays with the latest in caries diagnostics and offer new protocols to your patients? Yes, it’s time.
  • The key pitfalls in direct adhesion and how to avoid them, you will be surprised!
  • Advanced approaches to direct restorative: How to really, UP YOUR GAME
  • “Elevated margins” and the reason they are important
  • Posts and Cores: Unique approaches to add long term success
  • Digital Crown and Bridge: Oh the joy of impressions and more!
  • Cementation: Why Bioactive cements truly offer you excellent options today. How to choose the right cements
A Sound Recession Proof Restorative/Hygiene Practice

The obstacles and challenges we face day after day continue to change so fast in our profession. This course will dive deep into how you can resist signing up for PPO after PPO and how to transition your office for such. We then dive deep into how diagnostics have changed and why you must be open to grasping these changes in order to advance your practice with far greater treatment plan acceptance. From the new patient exam to hygiene re-care exams, come see how to create new protocols and far superior outcomes. This course is recommended for the entire team. Doctors, bring your team or should I say, teams…bring your doctors!


  • Over 2/3rds of dental offices take more than 7 PPO’s, come learn why you must create your own in-office dental plan and it’s just a click away!
  • Why FMX’s are a thing of the past, why bite-wings for your younger patients really aren’t necessary and so many more ways to customize your diagnostics for your office.
  • The NEW Patient Exam…This is an OMG change that everyone can do, (if you want to!)
  • Redesigning the entire hygiene “one hour” to maximize treatment, diagnostics and communication between the doctor, hygienist, and patient.
  • Maximizing hygiene outcomes with lasers and oxygenation, this is not about Star Trek! It’s about PERIO!


  • To present the latest approaches to running and growing your team and your business.
  • To update the team on the latest diagnostic approaches for a general dental practice.
  • The latest methodologies to compliment hygiene growth and how adjunctive therapies are bringing us far more success in treatment.
Dentistry 2020: The Business of Dentistry (Concepts they should have taught everyone in dental school and just didn’t!)

Forget the days of past, in fact forget everything pre 2010, survival for a dental office today must involve contemporary business concepts that enable it to run extremely efficient and yet be incredibly personal. Forget just watching how much a bib costs or how much cash you have in your office checking account, this course is all about understanding the latest economic and demographic changes in dentistry and what you can do to proper, versus join every PPO and hope to pay your monthly lab bill!  This course is for the entire team to attend because it takes a team to change.


  • “Actionable” analytics, that drive your huddles and monthly meetings
  • Understanding how best to utilize today’s technologies that can grow your business and clinical efficiency, the must haves!
  • Why Key Performance Indicators drive market and ROI in the office
  • Hygiene growth equates to practice growth, seeing is believing
  • The In-office dental plan, steps A to Z and why these are NOT an option today
Diagnostically Driven Technologies and Their Essential Role in Advanced Concepts in Restorative Direct and Indirect Dentistry

For over 100 years, the standard of care in dentistry has been an explorer, an x-ray and a periodontal probe. This program will challenge the audience as too how today’s diagnostic technologies can be integrated into our offices for and how they impact diagnostic protocols today. Truth be told, we have been guessing far too much and the more information we can attain, the far greater the ultimate clinical result. The program throughout the day takes everyday clinicals situations and how to both maximize diagnostics and equally important, long term outcomes.


  • Why traditional diagnostics are so limited and why newer technologies bring so much more to the table
  • Incorporating Modern Day Diagnostics into new protocols for patient care
  • Customizing what diagnostics are best for your practice and how ultimately this raises long term outcomes and decision making
  • Communication and Treatment Plan Acceptance: Implementing new approaches to Growth
  • How your own In Office Dental Plan ties in our day
  • Clinical Casework and outcomes supporting diagnostically driven dentistry


  • To update the attendee in regards too, “what’s best for the patient”
  • How Upping your diagnostics drives greater treatment plan acceptance
  • Incorporating many of the latest materials and techniques to result in superior long term outcomes
Implants: The Restorative Solutions and Challenges Long Term

Face the truth, not every implant is placed in the ideal position and not every patient has the ideal setting for the final restoration. The challenges can be so many such as access via limited vertical opening or limited vertical interocclusal distance or even tissue challenges and proximal issues to name a few. Is this complicated, heck no, but to think, “oh, I just will take an impression and let the lab decide or the surgeon, simply isn’t the reality today!

Whether to utilize the traditional single screw one-piece approach, the cementable crown, or even the combination termed the hybrid approach, are all viable options in implant dentistry. As the restorative dentist, you must understand what your options for long term success. Treatment coordination and planning for optimum results often involves superior diagnostics utilizing CBCT imaging, and the latest options in digital scanning for communication with both the patient and lab. It’s 2019, let’s get up to date with today’s technologies and expectations!


  • CBCT why this is not just for the surgeon but far more for every GP and everyday challenges that 2D imaging can’t see.
  • Today’s initial exam: how to increase the patient saying “Yes” to treatment via today’s diagnostics and technologies.
  • Case presentations that are step by step to take back to the “chair” Monday.
  • Which cement is the only biocompatible cement for implant cemented crown.
  • Immediate temporization, the technique and why the “flipper” really belong in the ocean for most cases.
  • Stock abutments versus milled, oh be serious…
  • ADD general restorative dentistry combination cases.
  • Long term issues and maintenance approaches and yes, you need to know what future issues will be!
Enhancing Your Dental Practice Through CBCT Technology

For over 100 years dentistry and has been reliant on 2D imaging. Today’s diagnostics have shifted 2D imaging to far more specific indications versus the one thought of universal imaging diagnostic instrument. Diagnostics today include a vast arsenal of technologies that include; fluorescence, transillumination, and CBCT as examples in our office. These technologies become essential in far superior diagnostically driven decision making along with new protocols in our offices today. This full day course is all about the why and how to incorporate CBCT imaging into your dental practice and all the benefits included, and yes, even the financial ones!


  • Today’s Initial Exam and giving patient’s the “wow” and ultimately treatment plan acceptance
  • Why the FMX is now extinct in my office and soon to be in thousands of others
  • When to refer out your images to be read by maxillofacial radiologists
  • The numbers…the ROI…
  • How to select what’s best for your office and why you may really be surprised
  • The steps to integrating you and your team
  • How digital scanning and CBCT imaging work together in so many ways!
  • Clinical Casework on what you are missing in 2D and finding in 3D and how this ultimately makes your decision making far superior
  • Clinical casework on resorption, implants, and far more
  • For smaller programs, a hands-on experience in mapping the mental nerve, implant planning (even if you aren’t placing) and how to navigate the software for everyday use
  • Technology driven analytics and how to incorporate into your practice
Geriatric Dentistry: The Fastest Growing Demographic in Dentistry

With patients entering their 8th and 9th decades of life and even more, our role as health care providers continues to face new challenges in treating this population. As these patients walk into our offices, they present challenges that are often unique and require customized approaches to their care.


  • Prevention is for all ages and doesn’t stop here!
  • Why this patient population loves our in-office: PREVENTION PLAN
  • Customizing your approaches for plaque, xerostomia and so much more
  • Reparative dentistry, when, where and why and what materials are best to utilize
  • Customized periodontal protocols that go beyond brushing and flossing
  • Advanced restoratives technique for: post and cores, deep class 2’s, “elevating the margin” technique, perio-splinting, choosing the right cement

Course Comments

"Lou Graham is hands down one of the best speakers the Michigan AGD has had in a while. Smart, funny, informative and real.  Thank you for sharing how you practice dentistry and provide superior treatment to your patients!"

"Presentation was unique, relevant and provided info, questions, and tips. I will discuss with staff at next team meeting!"

"Speaker was passionate about the subject and presented it in an ethical manner."

"Excellent speaker and great message!"
- Michigan AGD, Course - Geriatric Dentistry: The Fastest Growing Demographic in Dentistry 12/6/19

"I wanted you to know what a pleasure it was seeing your lecture at the PAGD Annual Meeting in Lancaster. I always find your presentations informative, thought provoking and entertaining, and other PAGD members that I talked to felt the same. I have already started reviewing and revising my protocols for using the technology that we have for better diagnosis- Diagnodent, Soprocare and our intraoral cameras. I also appreciated your talk on KPI's because even though as dentists we love to concentrate on the clinical side of things we have to realize that we are running a business and must stay profitable in this age of PPO's and corporate dentistry. While I think I do a good job of looking at a lot of the important statistics, again your presentation will have me looking at how I can do better. I look forward to the next time I get a chance to hear you speak, and I promise if I ever see you in an airport again I will stop you and say Hi."
- Scott Hudimac, DDS, MAGD, FICOI, AFAAID, President PAGD

"Thanks for the great education on the cementation process of cementing crowns onto implants.  It was a wonder webinar.  You are a remarkable clinician."
- Dr. Keith Boyd, 9/11/18 Webinar

"Excellent, good audience participation. Very happy I attended"

"Excellent, good audience participation. Very happy I atten I appreciate all of the restorative materials and techniques I never would have known about. Dr. Graham welcomed all of our questions and gave great answers."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and wished I could attend the course he was teaching the next day on direct restorative. "

"I wish I had signed up for his class on Saturday too.."

"One of the best lecturers I have heard in a long time! "

"This was one of the most exciting speakers I have heard in 35 years."

"Very informative! We learned much today. Thorough, relaxed, so prepared. This dentist is an educator!"

" Lou, a great presentation. I was only coming for an hour. I had intentions of joining my family for the rest of the day. Instead, I stayed in your course for the day!! Your information was very timely."
- Dr. Jerry Baluta, Odyssey Dental and member of the Winnipeg Dental Society

“My staff and I took your course at the Annual Pennsylvania AGD meeting and really enjoyed. We thought that your course was absolutely the best course, out of all of the programs that we took at this three day event. It was was full of good tips and advice.” 
- Dr. Hema Nair

"Excellent program. I understand why his office is so busy! Dr. Graham was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of dentistry. I would recommend this Dr. to everyone. I wish he was my dentist. Every dentist could learn a lot from him."

"I wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration. I came to the seminar not really knowing what to expect and left with a clear vision of the type of dentist I aspire to be and the type of practice I wish to have. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to listen to you speak."
- Dr. Depal Parikh

"His approach to geriatric dental treatments is quite spot on and very practical. He has different points of view and I picked up some of good, useful tidbits that I can apply to my practice."
- Xcel Seminars 8/30/2015

"Dr. Graham, Thank you for an amazing course at the ADA. I was at your friday afternoon session for Indirect. I really wished I could have made it to your other course but I only came up for the day. I have been practicing 14 yrs. plus and I have taken hundreds of hours of CE but in the end I have always been left thinking "well I didn't get that much out of that". I thoroughly enjoyed your course and took away a lot of pearls. I hope to take another course with you in the future. Your speaking style is very engaging and you're not putting down your audience for a "stupid" question. I'm often intimidated to ask questions during the course but you made it easy to do that. Have a great day!"
- Sarah Lorei, DMD - Millennium Way Dental Studio, Enola, PA

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