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The professional’s choice for the contouring, finishing, and cleaning of all dental surfaces.

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Profin® Reciprocating System 

The instrument of choice for shaping, contouring and polishing natural dentition and cosmetic restorations with easy access and flexibility.
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See Why Catapult Clinicians Love the Profin 

Product Review

"The Profin quickly became a part of our normal clinical armamentarium. I found that there were several situations for which I needed such a tool, and the Profin became a hot item among myself and the other 2 dentists in my office."
Ankur Gupta, DDS
The Right Tip for Any Task

Over 30 Styles of Lamineer Tips

  • Color coded diamond abrasive grits of different shapes and sizes for specific applications
  • Safe-sided to prevent damage adjacent tissue or enamel
  • Can be autoclaved to provide long-term economical use
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Bringing innovation to the dental community since 1932

About Dentatus

For over 90 years, Dentatus has earned the respect of dental professionals and enjoyed a global reputation for developing and manufacturing devices that deliver unique solutions to the dental market. Through university research and independent clinical testing, our products have been proven to be reliable and durable.

Dentatus operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sweden excelling in quality control. Production includes various types of technologies well adapted to fulfill high demands related to medical devices and tracing capabilities.
We believe that producing quality products is not only good for our customers, but good for the environment we live in as well: it is just one part of our commitment towards a more sustainable society. “Being a manufacturing company, we are extremely conscious about the way we treat our natural resources and environment. We strive to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible” says Nita Weissman, Dentatus’ President.

From inception, our focus is to develop products based on the needs and desires from the dental community. At the heart of Dentatus is a commitment to providing sustainable, Swedish high-quality products without compromise.

The Complete IPR Solution

Compatible with all clear aligner systems, Dentatus Complete IPR Solution removes uncertainty around IPR procedures with calibrated tips to prescribed IPR amounts. This ensures treatment plan compliance, enhancing value to the dentist and minimizing refinement procedures. Dentatus Complete IPR Solution results in more patient comfort during IPR with quick and efficient modification. Providers can achieve results in 1/6th of the time as compared to manual hand instruments.
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Minimally Invasive

Significant time savings

Precision, control & accuracy

Safe to gingiva, tongue, lip and cheeks

Comfortable and painless for patient

Ergonomic design reduces fatigue

Maintains natural esthetics


Since acquiring the Profin, I fix countless cases referred to me due to the fact that many dentists simply do not have this solution at their fingertips. 

Matt A. Nejad, DDS

I’ve been using the Profin for several months now, and I’m surprised at how atraumatic it is. My patients have noticed this, too. It’s simple, convenient, and comfortable for all parties involved.

Ankur A. Gupta, DDS

I routinely lecture for clear aligner courses, and I never end a course without recommending the Profin Reciprocating System. Why? In addition to all the reasons I just listed, it’s simply made my life and my workflow easier.

Jesper Hatt, DDS

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