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Cargus International Inc. created the MARK3 brand to provide dentists with a line of premium, highly rated dental products at affordable prices.
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Featured Products

MARK3 Core Build-Up Dual Cure

MARK3 Core Build-Up is a dual cure, high radiopaque flowable micro-hybrid composite material with nano particle (nano-zirconium, nano-calciumfluoride) for core build-up and cementation of posts. Due to its excellent mechanical properties, final crown preparation can be carried out more precisely. It is also suitable for cementing of crowns and bridges, inlays and onlays if there are no high esthetic requirements.

MARK3 EverCem Dual Cure Resin Cement 

EverCem is a versatile dual cure, self-etch, self-adhesive resin cement in an 8gm auto-mix dual barrel syringe. It is used for cementing indirect restorations made from ceramic, composite, and metal, as well as cementing posts. It's low film thickness ensures a closer fit of the restoration while providing excelling bonding values.

MARK3 Temporary Crown & Bridge Material

Self curing MARK3 Temporary Crown and Bridge material is a powerful and long-lasting material for both short-term and long-term provisional restorations. It has excellent mechanical and esthetic properties which makes it quick and easy to use. 

MARK3 Varnish 5% Sodium Fluoride with TCP

MARK3 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish delivers fast and effective results. It has the optimal amount of fluoride in a quick 60 second application. The premium resin based formula provides strong desensitizing action when applied to enamel and dentin surfaces. The varnish contains Tri-Calcium Phosphate which is known to help re-mineralize teeth and decrease sensitivity. The single dose packaging makes it simple and convenient.

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Explore the comprehensive range of products offered by Cargus International, featuring the renowned MARK3 brand. With Cargus International's commitment to excellence and the trusted MARK3 brand, you can confidently equip your practice with the finest dental products available.

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Provider Testimonials

I typically purchase MARK3 products, and the prices are substantially less for the same quality offered by comparable more expensive products. I especially like the impression material made by MARK3. The consistency and the flow of the material is even better than 3M comparable products.
Dr. Shaheen Upton
I love the MARK3 products. When I first tried them, I was very happy overall. The prices are excellent, and we save money. I find the products’ quality exceeded my expectations, they are convenient, and the products are very easy to get used to. MARK3 products compare in quality to the name brands, and I have incorporated the entire line into my practice. My staff and I are convinced that the MARK3 brand provides outstanding value.
Dr. Andrew Basta
The MARK3 brand has added tremendous value to our practice over the years. We started slowly with just a few products and now we utilized the entire line. MARK3 offers us high quality products that are in many cases better than the name brand and we save 40-50%. From cement and impression material to mixing tips and disposables, MARK3 has discovered so many ways to save my practice money and we don’t sacrifice quality in any way. I have complete trust in MARK3 and Cargus International Inc.
Dr. Michael Rothstein
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About Cargus International, Inc.

For over 45 years we have delivered premium dental supplies for dental dealers throughout the world. Our full line of products are affordable and readily available at a time when large manufacturers have become exclusive. Our company values directly reflect the way we do business:
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