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Dr. Ankur Gupta


General Dentist
  North Ridgeville, OH

Lecture Topics
  • Clinical Dentistry
  • Practice Management
  • Implants & Implant Overdentures
  • New and Emerging Technology
  • Team Building
  • Personal Wellness
  • Burnout
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About Dr. Gupta

Ankur A Gupta, DDS, after completing a one-year GPR in Cleveland, started a practice from scratch in 2005. Armed with what he considered adequate dental knowledge, hand skills, and a personable demeanor, he watched as his practice floundered, finances became unpredictable, and his lower back and spirit toward his profession became worrisome. Rather than continue the trend, he made a guinea pig out of his office, family, and self, attempting any and all personal and professional “experiments” in self-improvement.

More than a decade later, he enjoys excellent new patient numbers and case acceptance, a solution-oriented dental team; and most importantly, a meaningful and positive identity. He happily shares the failures and successes with dental and community groups throughout the country, always ending his presentations with practical, implementable, step-by-step ways to be better.

Dr. Gupta graduated from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry in 2004. In 2005, after completing a one-year General Practice Residency in Cleveland, Ohio, he and his partner Dr. Nisha Gupta started North Ridgeville Family Dentistry. In addition to founding North Ridgeville Family Dentistry, Dr. Gupta is a member of the American Dental Association, Greater Cleveland Dental Society, Ohio Dental Association, ADA Success Speaker Corp, and an active board member and speaker for Catapult Education’s Speaker Bureau. Dr. Gupta is an AGD/PACE-certified provider.
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Honors and Achievements

American Dental Association

ADA Success Speaker Corp

Catapult Education
Board Member
Speaker Bureau Member
Greater Cleveland Dental Society

North Ridgeville Family Dentistry

Ohio Dental Association

A Disease-Fighting Tray

"Over the last 2 decades, dental implants have increasingly become the standard of care for tooth replacement, with titanium-to-bone integration demonstrating long-term success in countless cases. However, in the 12 years that Dr. Ankur Gupta has been placing implants, he’s witnessed a growing problem: peri-implant disease. ..."

Finding the Right Material Is Key to Composite Success

"Based on my estimate, approximately 50 billion different types of dental composites are on the market to choose from. Open any reputable periodical (including the one that this article is printed in), and there is no doubt I’ll find a highly attractive full-page advertisement about yet another composite, one that will assuredly make all my dreams in life come true. ..."

Why I Use...Profin

"Whenever I do a Class II or III interproximal restoration, the most difficult place to get a smooth, perfect finish is below the gingiva in between the two teeth, and I’ve never been able to find a tool that allows me to effectively achieve this. ..."

The New Patient Experience: Promoting Care Through Patient-Centered Communication

"Much has been written over the years on the importance of effective communication between patients and the staff of the dental practice. However, despite the extensive literature on the topic, the need for effective communication and the skills necessary for facilitating such communication have generally been discussed in the context of the concerns of the dental practice. ..."

The Curse of the $50,000 Dental Treatment Plan

"Tough cases with big paydays are not always worth the added stress, so make sure to enjoy some freedom and your life while getting through the daily grind of running a dental practice. ..."

A New Device Makes Retraction Easy, Effective

"Adequate retraction/isolation remains one of our most common clinical challenges. Adding to this is the increased use of clinical photography, both intraoral and extraoral, which requires that these soft tissue structures be well isolated. ..."

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Discover Dr. Gupta's Latest Courses

Demineralized and Cortico-What? A General Dentist’s Guide to the Most Un-Complicated and Predictable Bone Grafting Techniques  NEW! 

In dental school, we were taught how to pull teeth, and many of us became really good at it. However, for most general dentists, the plan to regenerate bone and fix bony defects was left to the periodontists and surgeons. This inefficient and patient un-friendly option can create tremendous frustration to any dentist staring at an already anesthetized empty socket. In this informative, entertaining, and highly visual presentation, Dr. Gupta provides pragmatic, efficient, and highly implementable bone grafting options to even the most surgery-squeamish general dentists.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn the differences in handling and outcomes between the various tissue plugs on the market
  • Discover the incredible value that socket preservation provides, even for patients who are not yet ready to invest in implant replacement
  • Create a new method of communication for any patient who is about to lose a tooth
  • Learn about the various tissue barrier techniques, and which are the easiest to implement in a general dentistry environment

I’m Not Quite Healthy, but Not Quite a Cavity: Understanding the Vast Continuum That Separates Healthy Enamel on One Side, to a Lesion in Need of a Drill and Fill, on the Other  NEW! 

Advances in imaging, lasers, and artificial intelligence have made it much easier to identify incipient enamel lesions way before they become frank cavitation requiring invasive interventions, usually involving an injection, a drill, and a costly restoration. These innovations have demonstrated to both dentists and their patients numerous small inter proximal or marginal areas of concern, but there has never been much consensus about what to do at that point. Fortunately, advances in preventative treatment have been just as impressive and innovative as the advances in diagnostic tools. In this highly pragmatic and entertaining presentation, Dr. Gupta introduces the numerous preventative strategies, when to use them and how to properly implement them in your already busy and productive clinical operation.

Learning Objectives:
  • Discover the extremely diverse offerings of topical preventative fluoride and silver diamide fluoride, and what the most appropriate clinical situations are for each
  • Learn about how AI radiology interpretation is a must-have for any cutting edge clinical environment
  • Discover the most up to date research about the best possible home care regimen (this one will surprise you)
  • Realize the financial opportunities that will allow for your new preventative philosophies to maintain clinical profitability

What’s More Important: Preventing a Root Canal, or Preventing a Stroke? A Pragmatic, Realistic Introduction to the Dentist’s Role in Preventing Sleep Apnea  NEW! 

Perhaps the most popular topic in the world of dental CE is that of sleep apnea. We have all been told about how insidious and deadly this highly undiagnosed disease can be, but sadly, it is often based on expensive oral devices and an ethically questionable shift in our roles as healthcare practitioners. In this highly entertaining and pragmatic full day course, Dr. Gupta presents a realistic vision of our roles in preventing this disease, especially in susceptible children, while still staying in our lanes as dentists.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn what to look for and what to ask for during every new patient and recall exam
  • When sleep disordered breathing is suspected, learn the next steps in achieving an official diagnosis if necessary and an actionable plan of treatment
  • Learn how to communicate with local MDs without creating awkwardness
  • Discover exactly what the next steps should be after establishing sleep disordered breathing, without limiting your treatment options to an expensive oral device

Using Tech to Seamlessly Make Your Office Extraordinary  NEW! 

50 years ago, patients were perfectly content if their dentist was pleasant, clinically competent, and thorough. Today, Amazon and Google have changed our patients' expectations of us, and completely transformed our opportunities to leverage the incredible advancements in software to make our offices modern, responsive, and extraordinary. In this 1hr CE presentation, Dr. Gupta outlines the various nuisances and inefficiencies that plague a typical dental office, and how they can be easily mitigated by utilizing these software advancements.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn the current mindset and expectations of today's patient
  • Understand the evolution of software advancement in dentistry's "silicon valley"
  • Challenge the audience to put themselves in their patient's shoes to better understand the communication limitations in the typical dental office
  • Outline the steps to truly transform your office from ordinary to extraordinary

Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary

Every office is made up of individuals who all possess a multitude of flaws. In even the most dynamic, successful, consistently happy organizations, there still exists flawed individuals, far from perfect. How did a group of ordinary people create something extraordinary? Vision, systems, personal reflection, honesty about our own unique drawbacks, along with many more pragmatic and attainable frameworks that all dental offices can create. Dr. Gupta will not only introduce steps to take in order to optimize the practice structure, but will also challenge each participant to reflect upon their own personal daily habits and routines, and how small changes can lead to a much improved practice and personal life.

Learning Objectives:
  • Gain strategies and tools for inspiring a culture of self-directed leaders in the practice
  • Explore a culture of autonomy in which team members feel ownership with practice improvement and implementation
  • Identify internally designed accountability systems
  • Completely re-think the norms of the patient experience
  • Discover the #1 happiness and relationship killer that also affects your ability to perform more comprehensive dentistry
  • Examine the culture, habits and health of those living in Blue Zones and learn why they live disproportionately longer, more robust lives
  • Introduce dynamic and underutilized clinical changes that are valuable, needed by patients, but also easy on our back and hands
  • Identify steps to prevent and treat burnout
  • Create a “second-look” at the clinical repertoire at the office, and gain knowledge about the incredible potential dentists have at providing truly life-changing clinical knowledge

Treating Periodontal Disease in the Post-Antibiotic Age

Treating periodontal disease not only improves oral health, it also reduces a chronic infectious burden on patients’ immune system. Unfortunately, it is one of the most underdiagnosed diseases. 47% of American adults have chronic periodontitis, but, according to Dental Intel, only 8% of patients get treatment planned for D4341 and D4342. Of that 8%, only half accept the treatment. Without a diagnosis, patients cannot make informed decisions or get the care they need.

Antibiotic adjunctive therapies have a temporary, limited effect. This is because biofilms repopulate after usage and because we are in the post antibiotic age. A broad-spectrum antimicrobial like hydrogen peroxide is an excellent alternative for patients with gingivitis, periodontitis, peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis. Attend this presentation to learn the science behind the use of peroxide for the treatment of biofilm-based diseases.

Learning Objectives:
  • Identify the benefits and limitations of antimicrobials with oxidative and oxygenating reactions for biofilm management
  • Recognize patient candidates who can benefit from Rx Tray therapy of peroxide
  • Evaluate clinical cases and the efficacy of peroxide in treatment

I Want My Back Back: Identifying and Mitigating the Factors That Make Even the Most Successful Dentists Miserable

Despite the myriad of benefits that dentists get to enjoy, including a high income, a less-than 5 day workweek, and the opportunity to be a business owner, many are miserable. This can be sourced to 4 main factors: body pain, isolation, un-needed stress, and debt. In this half-day presentation, Dr. Gupta shares the stories of many dentists, and how they intentionally changed the trajectory of their lives.

Learning Objectives:
  • Discover the #1 happiness and relationship killer that also affects your ability to perform more comprehensive dentistry
  • Illuminate the long-term impact of poor posture and a sedentary lifestyle to the dental team
  • Gain a daily core strength routine that can affect your overall quality of life
  • Examine the culture, habits and health of those living in Blue Zones and learn why they live disproportionately longer lives
  • Recognize the barriers, benefits and steps for integrating a mindful approach everyday
  • Explore the long term physical/psychological implications of a “constantly plugged in” life
  • Identify steps to prevent and treat burnout

1 Year to a Streamlined, Productive, Cutting-Edge Implant Practice

In this half-day presentation, Dr. Gupta shares the most effective strategies for restoring general dentists to communicate, plan, and market dental implants in their office. This lecture will provide fully-implementable steps from the very beginning of the process, gaining patient interest and trust, to the most cutting edge techniques and solutions in the realm of dental implant restorative therapy.

Learning Objectives:
  • Discover communication and case presentation to get patients excited about implant therapy
  • Explain the ideal communication process between surgical specialist and restorative dentist, maximizing successful and predictable long-term restorations
  • Learn the newest and most dynamic strategies that are effectively being used by the leaders in dental implantology
  • Understand the difficulties and potential conflicts when introducing a new service/profit-center in an already busy office, and learn steps to reduce that frustration

Implant Overdentures: Giving Your Patient Every Option When They Are Facing Partial or Complete Edentulism

11% of the population in the US is fully edentulous. Of them, the majority must deal with tissue supported dentures that they truly never wanted, but felt was the only affordable option. For every general dentist, the simple ability to offer a high-quality implant retained removable prosthesis could completely change this patient's life. The only problem is that most of us didn't learn anything about "dentures that snap in" while in dental school.

In this full-day, hands-on course, Dr. Gupta, through the use of high quality audiovisual and handouts, will provide a clear path to mastery with this incredibly gratifying form of treatment.

Learning Objectives:
  • Attain comfort in providing this service whether or not you plan on placing your own implants
  • Discover the different options and requirements when implants are not perfectly parallel to one another
  • Learn the entire process of locator attachments and denture fabrication, including maintenance
  • Pick up metal housings and retention caps on your own denture model during the hands-on portion

This course is ideally positioned as a full-day course with a hands-on component. If needed, it can be compressed to a half-day course. Content is relevant to dentists and their teams.

How Do People, Who Aren’t Born Leaders, Lead?

Why are all football coaches big and loud? Lessons in leadership from the shy, the quiet, the people pleasers, the confrontation avoiders.
Several scientific journals indicate that, while certain individuals show tremendous intelligence and work ethic, leading to high level professional positions, the same population is poorly represented in leadership positions. Such a phenomenon is doubly unfortunate in the dental field, as, in most cases, the dentist alone also serves as the CEO of the small business. Leadership education, not provided in dental school, is essential for dental practice owners.

In this lecture, Dr. Gupta distills, after reading over 100 books about business and management, the most effective and actionable steps in becoming a better leader. In the first 5 years of running a small dental practice in NorthEast Ohio,  it became clear that his poor innate leadership abilities were putting his small business in a dire trajectory. Without changing his personality, becoming louder, meaner, or embodying many of the other leadership stereotypes, he was able to advance and inspire his team through vision and clear expectations. This lecture shares some of the most effective steps to getting there.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn the 7 traits that all successful business leaders possess
  • Learn the 3 most fundamental ways to create loyalty among your team (none of which have to do with compensation)
  • Create an organized, structured program to take the emotions out of "firing fast and hiring slow"
  • Create an effective, step by step, job description and office policy to keep everyone in your office accountable

Why Is It That Some Patients Can Afford a New TV, but Can’t Afford a Root Canal?

Dental case acceptance and refusal often cannot be rationally explained. Our profession has taught us that the ability to smile and properly function is tremendously valuable, yet we often find patients seemingly incapable of understanding such value. Instead of negatively judging these patients, it is important that we understand what is actually going on inside our patients' heads at the time when complex dental recommendations are made. By understanding our patients, we will become much more successful at getting them to understand us and realize the value of what we have to offer.

Learning Objectives:
  • Develop a patient-centered, emotion-based clinical exam, shedding the coldness and objectivity taught in dental school
  • Understand the major psychological barriers preventing patients from moving forward with treatment, and learn the best ways to uncover and empathize with those
  • Discover the value in starting the new patient interview during the initial phone call
  • Return to the office the next day with several actionable tools that will get your patients to say "yes" to complex full mouth treatment

Mitigating Miserabl-odontics: The Tools and Techniques That Help Make the Most Difficult Procedures in Dentistry Easier, Predictable, Less Painful, and MORE SUCCESSFUL

Despite the myriad of benefits that dentists get to enjoy, including a high income, a less-than 5 day workweek, and the opportunity to be a business owner, many are miserable. This can be sourced to several factors. In this highly entertaining and realistic lecture, Dr. Gupta shares the techniques and strategies, both within and outside of the op, that have made life as a dentist better.

Learning Objectives:
  • Discover the products that HELP make dentistry more ergonomic and friendly FOR our backs, necks, and hands
  • Discover the advances in technology that minimize the most stressful clinical situations
  • Learn about updates in clinical dentistry that aid in isolation and hemostasis
  • Discover the #1 happiness and relationship killer that also affects your ability to perform more comprehensive dentistry
  • Illuminate the long-term impact of poor posture and a sedentary lifestyle to the dental team
  • Gain a daily core strength routine that can affect your overall quality of life
  • Identify steps to prevent and treat burnout

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