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Product Review:
AG Neovo Dental Evolve handpieces

A review of AG Neovo Dental Evolve Series handpieces

The AG Neovo Dental Evolve handpieces are one of the great values in dentistry. They are smooth cutting, quiet and have a very comfortable, ergonomic feel. Their Enduro™ Chuck has given excellent clinical performance with the durability needed to be a workhorse in a busy practice. The AG Neovo Dental handpieces, despite their terrific clinical performance, cost half of some of the competitors while exceeding them in performance.
Plenty of features
The Evolve series is a very lightweight line of handpieces with a nice “Apple-like” metallic finish with an etched area for good finger grip. Both the regular and mini head size have very good power and torque with sizes that easily access small places-even upper second molars. The concentric turbines are powerful without wobble or vibration and cut with ease.
They have a balanced feel, making the AG Neovo Dental brand likely to reduce hand fatigue with a long day of drilling. The sound is mellow with less shrill than many other handpieces we have tested while the autochuck is very reliable with good bur holding. The light is bright and located in a good position for even illumination, and the four water sprays on the regular head are exceptional. The mini head has only one water port because of its small size but is more than adequate.
Even though these handpieces have been very dependable, there is a peace of mind knowing that everything from the LED light to the turbine has a two-year warranty. Even the turbine is warrantied for 24 months for bur retention. We have had excellent durability in a very busy office using a couple of different autoclaves and a cleaner/lubricant station. The surface finish and design make the cleaning very simple with very little surface debris build-up
The Evolve air-driven high speeds fit several couplers on the market, including KaVo and NSK, making transition to them simple and stress-free. Maintenance is straightforward and consists of cleaning, lubrication and autoclave sterilization.
The Catapult Group, a consortium of key opinion leaders and educators, rated the AG Neovo Dental handpieces very highly. Nineteen of 22 evaluators rated them excellent with 21 of 22 recommending them to a colleague. The most important factors for these evaluators were design, ergonomics, weight, feel, cutting efficiency and durability. The high Catapult ratings for the features mentioned above, coupled with the warranty, price and quietness, make this brand of handpieces easy to recommend to a friend while getting the Catapult vote of confidence.
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