We Asked Lou Graham, Founder of Catapult Education:

“What makes Catapult Education different than other dental continuing education providers?” Here’s what he said,

“Dentistry has changed. And today, it’s difficult for doctors and team members to justify spending their valuable time on CE just for the sake of getting credit hours. What they’re learning MUST have context and application for the practice, and it must translate into personal and/or practice growth.”

“If CE doesn’t help something grow, it’s wasting time. At Catapult Education, we take a contrarian approach to CE. We’re zigging while everyone else is zagging. Research shows that only 15% of a thriving practice’s success is dependent on the dentist’s clinical expertise. Yet, the majority of CE today continues to be clinical. At Catapult Education we’re listening to the dental community and we’re expanding that focus—not by reducing clinical CE or diminishing its importance, but by increasing the scope and depth of non-clinical CE as well. Thriving practices today effectively combine 1) clinical expertise, 2) management effectiveness, and 3) growth strategies into plans that succeed. We are the only dental CE provider taking this comprehensive approach to learning.”

“Both our reviewers and our Speakers Bureau members focus as much on practical application as they do on education and theory. How many times have you gone through a CE course, gotten all pumped up and educated, returned to your practice, and NEVER used what you learned! Yes, I know! I’ve been there!”

“It’s such an amazing time to be in this profession. The opportunities are remarkable. And Catapult Education’s mantra is to help practices thrive in this dynamic environment.”

What is a “Thriving Practice”?

When you’re in a jet the world looks very different from 35,000 feet. Have you ever considered a 35,000 foot view of your dental practice? When you step back and think about it, what is your practice really selling? What kind of business would you have if you removed dentistry altogether? Sound crazy? Research shows that only 15% of a thriving practice’s success is dependent on the dentist’s clinical expertise.

Thriving practices don’t focus on what they make (great clinical dentistry), but instead, focus on the things they make possible. What thriving practices really sell is comfort, health, appearance, confidence, experiences, and trust.

Thriving practices methodically focus on each of the three Catapult Education Learning Categories:

Catapult Education’s Learning Categories

  1. Clinical Expertise
  2. Management Effectiveness
  3. Growth Strategies

Peter Drucker was a practical business visionary who changed business discourse way back in 1973. He said that a business (e.g. a dental practice) has only one valid purpose: to create a customer (i.e. a patient).

In addition, Drucker said, if the purpose of a business is to create a customer, then that business only has two functions—innovation and marketing. Innovation produces the products, and marketing tells the stories that sell those products. These are the ONLY two activities that drive real results, and all others are costs.

Catapult Education’s 3 Learning Categories align with this powerful business principle. Categories 1 and 2 (Clinical Expertise and Management Effectiveness) drive product innovation (the dentistry you provide) and Category 3 (Growth Strategies) drives marketing.

Finally… A dental CE provider that aligns solid business principles with ongoing education!

What Do Thriving Practices Do?

  • Thriving practices are not exclusively focused on any one aspect of their business.
  • Thriving practices have a clear, short-term/long-term growth plan.
  • Thriving practices have knowledgable clinicians with remarkable clinical skills.
  • Thriving practices are highly profitable but never consumed by the idea of making money. Making money is a by-product of the things a thriving practice with purpose does each day.
  • Thriving practices are technologically advanced and tech-savvy.
  • Thriving practices treat people, not teeth.
  • Thriving practices take teeth to their 85th birthdays.
  • Thriving practices change lives, including the lives of those who work in the practice.
  • Thriving practices understand and implement effective marketing.
  • Thriving practices are good at turning patients into advocates.
  • Thriving practices constantly remind themselves of the types of new patients they want to bring through the door—not just the number of new patients they want to bring through the door.
  • Thriving practices focus on retention and those tactics associated with strengthening it.
  • Thriving practices boost case acceptance through patient awareness and education.
  • Thriving practices are places where doctors and team members are hopelessly, incurably passionate about dentistry.
  • Thriving practices are places where doctors and team members can’t wait to come to work every day.
  • Thriving Practices are team driven.
  • Thriving practices promote every team member’s career growth and satisfaction.
  • Thriving practices are places where gratitude not only abounds, but is expressed through action.

Thriving Practices Are “Shaped” Through Effective CE

The word “shaping” is defined as the deliberate process of coming to a very specific form—to evolve or develop something, especially favorably.

Thriving practices are deliberately shaped. Relevant, actionable, pragmatic CE can become the foundation upon which this is accomplished. It all starts with CE.

Shape Your Thriving Practice. We Show You How.™

Are You a Hygienist or Dental Assistant?

You’ve come to the right place for CE. Why? Because most of the CE you’ve participated in before has only had one purpose… To get it over with, and get the credits! But CE for the sake of credits isn’t enough. Yes, of course… You’ll get the credits you want and need in the easiest and most convenient formats. That’s a given. But beyond that, we want to help you become more—personally. Perhaps you’ve never thought about CE this way! Great CE can be part of a comprehensive, career-growth plan that helps you be your very best and achieve your occupational objectives.

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Are You a Practice Manager
or Practice Marketer?

While we understand there are no “regulatory” CE requirements you’re concerned about filling, one thing is certain—we can all use more great ideas that help our practices thrive. Many of our non-clinical CE courses have direct application to the challenges you face each day. Take advantage of these free resources and learn from the best of the best. Become invaluable to your practice through relevant, actionable learning.