Dr. Maria Meliton, DMD

Pediatric Dentist

Lancaster, PA
Gap, PA
M2 Dentistry for Children & Teens
Dr. Meliton knew early on that she would work with children. Her interests in dentistry include full mouth rehabilitation cases. She loves to solve problems and see the transformation in a child’s smile.
Dr. Maria Meliton knew early on that she was meant to work with children. During her years at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, she gravitated to the pediatric dental department and excelled with communicating and working with the young patients. After dental school, Dr. Meliton completed her pediatric dental residency at the Eastman Institute for Oral Health in Rochester, NY.

Dr. Meliton is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. She is on the active staff at Penn Medicine - Lancaster General Health, Department of Surgery - Dental Division. She is a member of Catapult Education as a product reviewer and speaker.

Her interests in dentistry include full mouth rehabilitation cases that are often completed with an in-house board certified dental anesthesiologist and minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry cases for her young patients. She loves to solve problems and see the transformation that she can create not only in terms of a child’s smile and overall comfort but also in their self-esteem. Her practice is prevention-based and she works diligently with educating patients and their parents on how to prevent dental decay.

Dr. Meliton maintains a fee for service private practice with two office locations limited to infants, children, teens and young adults in Lancaster County, PA. It was important to her to have a working environment that was inviting and pleasant not only to her and her team but also for her many patients. Her state-of-the-art facility has received design awards for interior architecture in healthcare design from the American Institute of Architects and from the International Interior Design Association. The practice has been featured in the book, Healthcare Spaces, published in 2013 and in several other magazine and design publications.


Maria L. Meliton, DMD is an accomplished speaker available to speak at your event for half-day, full-day and multi-day lectures, custom courses, and hands-on workshops.

Everything From Sealants To Stainless Steel Crowns: A Pediatric Dentistry Update

As we strive to attract new patients to our dental practices, many dentists often ignore a valuable source of patients that already exists within their grasp…the infant, toddler and school age children. Early examination can detect potential problems that can reduce future negative consequences of delayed treatment. Many minimally invasive modalities are now being promoted in pediatric dentistry eliminating the need for definitive treatment before the child is fully capable of cooperating for dental visits. The benefits for the patient are abundant and the parents are given options that increase their sense of value for your practice. This course will provide you with practical pointers to include in your general dental practice for the management of your young patients. Not all kids need to be referred to a pediatric dentist - let’s help you identify the keepers!

Course Objectives:
  • Learn the newest treatment options in managing early childhood caries
  • Learn about the five star dental materials that pediatric dentists cannot live without
  • Learn the top 10 things pediatric dentists want their general dentist colleagues to know

Pediatric Dentistry For The General Dentist

We all say it - sometimes the kids behave better in the chair than adults! So why not increase the pediatric segment of your practice with an array of dental services that you can easily provide? Minimally invasive treatment, cosmetic treatment for teens and pre-teens and dental materials geared for the pediatric patient will be reviewed. 

Course Objectives:
  • Learn how to practice like a pediatric dentist without added stress
  • Explore different approaches to restorative techniques
  • Understand how to decrease case failure with the right diagnostic tools
  • Explore the newest and greatest materials to simplify your treatments

A Day In The Life Of A Pediatric Dentist: Overcoming Challenges & Creating A Plan For Successful Visits

Perception plays a huge part in our success as dental practitioners. Each day brings new challenges especially when you are dealing with unpredictable behavior and compliance from your young patients. Learn from my mistakes and become aware of red flags that are often right there in front of you before the patients even enter your operatory. This course will provide you with guidance on how to manage your schedule, understand and deal with parents with different parenting styles and how to proceed with a child who might be on the fence about treatment.

Course Objectives:
  • Learn how your scheduling affects everyone in the office
  • Understand the expectations of parents
  • Learn how to read parenting styles and how it affects your interaction with the patient
  • Pointers on how to treatment plan for successful visits

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