The New Norm

Don't lose sight of your community during the Covid-19 crisis; it can be your best resource. Catapult Education is here to do our part. Dr. Lou Graham, is coming to you via his web series, thenewnorm, to take COVID-19 head-on. From private practice all-star to private-residence 'vlogger', Lou is taking us on an incredible journey by talking directly with experts on a variety of issues that impact dentistry.

Produced by Midway Education Center

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Episode 1: Dr. Lou Graham brings expert legal counsel on to dissect new legislation that impacts critical decisions for dental practices weathering the COVID-19 storm.
Episode 2: Let's get through the Covid-19 crisis together. Here is another interview from Dr. Lou Graham with Randy Smith on shutting down your practice for the time being.
Episode 3: Lou interviews three experts in tele-dentistry as COVID-19 forces dentists to consider new ways of diagnosis and as a new tele-health software enters the dental space.
Episode 4: Lou joins with an OSHA expert from Las Vegas, Tracy Wales, to discuss best practices for clinicians treating patients during the COVID-19 crisis.
Episode 5: Lou explores the ground-level experiences that dental teams are facing by bringing grassroots dental consultant Stephanie Smith onto the show.
Episode 6: Lou invites famous dental educator, Dr. Bruce Baird, to talk about the impending issue of collections as the economy of dentistry changes during the COVID-19 crisis.