The Revolution in Composite Veneers 

Place up to 10 Composite Veneers in under an hour

SmileFast is the ground-breaking new development in smile design, trial smile preview, refinement of the smile and provision of smile makeovers. SmileFast helps both dentists and patients alike by informing and guiding the treatment planning, allowing them to quickly visualize their planned new smile, understand the journey, and deliver the life-changing results. 
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How Does It Work

All that is required of Dentists (or their teams) is to take the relevant photos and records and send to SmileFast on their portal. Using the latest 3D-planning technology, the SmileFast team will design the perfect patient smile for you to review and sign-off. Once approved by both patient and dentist, the patented SmileFast stent and required composite will be sent to the Dentist to place the smile.

Before & After Treatment Photos

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Delivering Results

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