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Riva Cem Automix

Riva Cem Automix is a self-curing, radiopaque, fluoride releasing paste/paste resin modified glass-ionomer luting cement. It is indicated for the permanent cementation of metal and ceramic restorations. The automix tip attachment offers convenience over traditional hand mixed cement systems.

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SDI Stela

Stela is an innovative high-performance self-cure composite that was designed from the ground up to replace amalgam.
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SDI Riva Star

Riva Star is a silver diamine fluoride solution system used to desensitize tooth pain immediately.


Featured Education: Diamine Fluoride Restorations in a Single Visit

Using SDF for minimally invasive management of dental caries for adults and pediatric patients has been proven effective in many clinical situations. The challenge is to complete an esthetic restoration in a single visit. In this 1-hour hands-on webinar with Dr. Ron Kaminer, you will learn effective treatment to arrest caries and place a final restoration in a single visit. He will cover silver diamine fluoride / potassium iodide and glass ionomer restorative materials, and how to achieve a final aesthetic restoration.
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