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"Reviewers agree SDI’s Riva Star is a promising solution for minimally invasive cases needing enhanced bonding of glass ionomers to dentin and seeking optimal esthetics."
Dr. Ron Kaminer

Featured Videos & Articles

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Dr. Ron Kaminer Creating Esthetic Restorations with Riva Star

Hear all about the innovative features of the new Riva Star desensitizing agent. With its patented technology combining SDF and KI (potassium iodide) it truly is your clinical solution to immediate sensitivity relief. Dr Ron Kaminer talks about these great benefits as well as his restorative option for to ensure the staining is minimised if not eliminated.
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Aura Easy Universal Composite: 4 Easy Shades = 8 Vita Shades

In this video interview from the 2017 Chicago Midwinter Meeting, Dr. Chris Salierno discusses Aura Easy (tr. "Aura eASY"), a new universal nanohybrid composite from SDI, with Dr. Howard Glazer.
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Riva Star the Next Generation SDF

Riva Star A patented next generation, 2-step SDF system without the staining.
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Pola Whitening Complements Your Esthetic Dentistry

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Riva Luting for Metal and Metal Free Crowns

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SDI Sandwich Technique for Restoring Class 1 and 2 Composite Restorations

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