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Riva Star 800x800

Riva Star

Dr. Ron Kaminer

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Ron Kaminer

"Reviewers agree SDI’s Riva Star is a promising solution for minimally invasive cases needing enhanced bonding of glass ionomers to dentin and seeking optimal esthetics."

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BISCO Dental Products Testimonials

“With TheraCem, you have a material that bonds better to tooth structure than most self-etching resin cements and is just as easy to use, but you also have the mineral release—calcium and fluoride. The current generation of self-etching resin cements may be going by the wayside.”

David Hornbrook, DDS, FAACD

“TheraCem® makes crown cementation quick and easy. And the best part, I don't get any patient complaints of sensitivity postoperatively.”

Phillip C. Wilkins, DMD

“TheraCEM is my go-to self-adhesive resin cement. The chemistry behind the product is amazing: it’s radiopaque, bonds strongly to zirconia, releases calcium and fluoride, and has the easiest clean up of any product on the market.”

Brian Baliwas, DDS