With minimally invasive Dentistry at our forefront, it was only fitting that the Catapult Education team was asked to review the Q-Optics Custom TTL Prism Loupes. The group was asked to give their opinion on a number of tangible parameters in regard to magnification and the resounding response was excellent! As we will present in this summary the group was impressed with the many aspects of the loupes themselves as well as the image quality.

Most of the doctors had never worn loupes from Q-Optics before, yet all of them wore some sort of loupes from a competing manufacturer. 70% of the group never experienced a prism type lens so it was a new experience for most which is important for a non-biased review.

The initial impression to the product was overwhelmingly favorable. The loupes were rated above average by all 10 participants, with 8 rating them as “Excellent”. They were referenced as “Wonderful”, “Best frames”, and “So crisp and clear”.

The weight and comfort were rated “Excellent” by all reviewers. It was found that, in comparison to other brands, the weight was so favorable that the strap wasn’t needed for the majority of the users. Comments such as “very light”, “super light” and “the best” from a weight perspective were noted.

Most of the group felt the fitting process was better than any other they had experienced. Q-Optics uses a proprietary measurement system; The True-Fit TM Digital Measurement System which builds upon traditional measuring systems to ensure optimal loupe placement, thus insuring a better ergonomic fit.

A rare occurrence and an extremely favorable (100%) response was given for the clarity of vision. It was noted that the vision was crisper than loupes worn in the past. It was also noted that the field of vision was wider, and entirely clear compared to competitors.

One reviewer said he would not wear his previous loupes anymore and one reviewer commented on the superior clarity and another was “blown away with the lightness and how clear the optics are”. All the reviewers said they would recommend these loupes to their colleagues.

One of our most valuable assets to providing this quality of dentistry is our vision. It is imperative that we have a clear and magnified field of vision to achieve our goals. The Q-Optics Prismatic Loupes are a great adjunct to our practices. Q-Optics has been given the Catapult Education Vote of Confidence.

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