Perio Protect Trays

Perio Trays® from Perio Protect have a special internal peripheral seal to deliver medication deep into periodontal pockets so that the medication can fight chronic infections. The adjunctive Perio Tray therapy helps address the cause of disease at home between office visits. Patients quickly notice a cleaner mouth and fresher breath. You will see reductions in bleeding, inflammation, and pocket depths. Research supports these excellent clinical results.

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Perio Protect Testimonials

“The Perio Tray® is a wonderful product, a tremendous tool to help with non-surgical treatment. The tray delivery also provides the most effective way to run periodontal maintenance. It's absolute biggest benefit is the reduction in bleeding and inflammation. In a generation, trays are going to change the face of dentistry.”

testimonial-image-placeholder.jpg Dr. R. Bruce Cochrane

“How many of you can say that you have periodontal patients that come in after their perio maintenance program and are smiling ear to ear? My patient just came in saying "My gums have never felt better in my life." I've been in practice for over 40 years and I can't ever remember hearing that statement until recently. With Perio Protect we now expect it! Patients are motivated by this treatment. For the first time, they have beaten the beast.”

testimonial-image-placeholder.jpg Dr. Brian Daub

“Since we've implementing the Perio Trays® in our office, EVERY patient is happy with the results. They see that they don't bleed or have bad odor or taste anymore. Perio Trays have made a huge impact on the soft tissue management portion of our practice and have given us a way to control Periodontal disease in a minimally invasive fashion.”

testimonial-image-placeholder.jpg Dr. Ron Kaminer