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Experience the best sinus combination in the MEGA-Verse with the Densah osseodensification burs for predictable crestal sinus lift approach, and the superior stability of the AnyRidge implant system.


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Dr. Jack Griffin

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"BISCO has developed a great product in TheraCem, and for this reason, we are pleased to give it the Catapult Vote of Confidence. It truly is a cement that distinguishes itself in its category particularly in the zirconia and lithium disilicate world."

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BISCO Dental Products Testimonials

“With TheraCem, you have a material that bonds better to tooth structure than most self-etching resin cements and is just as easy to use, but you also have the mineral release—calcium and fluoride. The current generation of self-etching resin cements may be going by the wayside.”

David Hornbrook, DDS, FAACD

“TheraCal LC is the pulp protectant of “Best in Class” 21st Century Dentistry. TheraCal LC uses the most up to date technology giving the clinician complete confidence in placing patient friendly composite restorations, you can’t practice modern day dentistry without it! ”

Mark L. Cannon, DDS, MS

“TheraCEM is my go-to self-adhesive resin cement. The chemistry behind the product is amazing: it’s radiopaque, bonds strongly to zirconia, releases calcium and fluoride, and has the easiest clean up of any product on the market.”

Brian Baliwas, DDS