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Dr. Flax is known for his leadership in cosmetic dentistry. A Past President of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, he has lectured and authored in internationally on lasers, smile design, and advance restorative techniques to enhance the skills of dental teams in making their care world class for their patients.

Hugh D. Flax received his DDS degree from Emory University in 1983 following undergraduate Phi Beta Kappa honors. While doing a residency he did Posterior Composites research at LSU Dental School in 1984-1985. He has been a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry since 1994 and became accredited in 1997. He was President of the Atlanta Chapter of the AACD (1996-1998) and founded the Georgia Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in 2007. Dr. Flax served for two years as Co-Chair of the Conference Advisory Committee for 2003 AACD Scientific Session in Orlando. He is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry and Practical Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry. He has been the Chairperson of the AACD Private Education Advisory Council, the 2008 AACD Meeting, the 2010 AACD European Meeting, and was a member of the AACD Board of Directors for over 8 years. Outside of the AACD, Dr. Flax is a member of the AAED, ADA, AGD, ALD, AAID, ICOI, Catapult Education, and the L.D. Pankey Alumni Association. He is also a certified Fellow with World Clinical Laser Institute. Clinical Instructor at Georgia Regents University College of Dental Medicine. Lastly, he is a Fellow of both the International Academy of Dentofacial Therapeutics, Master in the ICOI, Associate Fellow of the AAID and a graduate of the world renowned Kois Center.

Dr. Flax practices full time in Atlanta, Georgia focusing on functional-appearance related conditions and advanced laser dentistry as well as writing and lecturing on how to help others do the same for their own practices. For 4 years in a row, his website has been rated one of the best by Dental Economics magazine. In 2003, he was WSB-TV.com’s expert on Cosmetic Dentistry as well as appearing on FOX News demonstrating the miraculous benefits of laser dentistry. He has been the expert dentist on the “Meet the Products” television show, H2O Magazine, and Best Self. Lastly, he and his practice have been featured in many women’s magazines such as Cosmo, Allure, and Good Housekeeping as well as The Wall Street Journal, Dear Doctor, and Productive Dentist Magazine (cover story), The Atlanta Business Chronicle, Jezebel, Atlanta Magazine, In Style, and New Beauty magazine.

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Courses Offered

Hugh Flax, DDS is an accomplished speaker available to speak at your event for half-day, full-day and multi-day lectures, custom courses, and hands-on workshops.

The Magic of Laser Assisted Cosmetic Dentistry

Laser technology has become a rising star in the evolution of appearance enhancements. Dentistry has seen a huge breakthrough with the introduction of a combination hard-soft tissue Erbium-YSGG wavelength. The conservative nature of this technique has created a firm footing in the anti-aging trend that is spanning the globe. Among the many benefits of less invasive care and quicker healing responses, Dr. Flax has helped pioneer the "closed flap technique" that, in many cases, puts control of gingival and osseous contours into the hands of the cosmetic restorative dentist. Improved artistry has greatly reduced treatment times, enhanced income, and allowed patient satisfaction to soar better than ever.

Learning objectives are:
1. Find out protocols which are esthetically beautiful and biologically healthy.
2. See the simple techniques that assure success for you and your patients.
3. Discover a guaranteed way to help your cases to finish at least 2 months earlier.

The Synergized Dentistry Triad- Creating Beautiful Smiles are Believable and Stress-free for your Practice

More than ever before, patient expectations are higher than ever. Creating a collaborative relationship is critical to reaching (and exceeding) patient goals, as well as, allowing your practice to be profitable and less stressful.
Medicolegally and ethically you owe it to your patients to provide them with the very best.  The importance of skilled integration of many dental specialties can help a patient enjoy more ideal results --and oftentimes conserve their tooth structure and bone, as well as, your stomach lining.

Bottom line: Create a system of teamwork that makes simple and complex treatment safe, fun and, meaningful.

Learning objectives/ highlights are:

  1. Setting the stage for cooperative patient relationships that are less risky and more predictable.
  2. Helping your lab become a partner in patient success with fixed and removable cases.
  3. Utilizing specialty care inside and outside your practice that fosters a team approach—and case success.
Smile Design and Shade Selection for the Dental Team (this lecture could be full day training for staff)

Case acceptance and treatment success are highly dependent on team members understanding smile design and building confidence for patients to know they are getting the best care available. Furthermore, partnerships with staff members allow them to enjoy their work and feel more loyalty to an advanced restorative environment. Ultimately the practice benefits immeasurably financially and emotionally.

Learning objectives:

  1. Discover the key secrets to helping patients have the smile they've always wanted.
  2. Understand how to help your patients and practice avoid failures in treatment.
  3. Learn how to collect the "right data "to achieve beautiful and long-lasting results.
  4. Using Dental Color Matcher, acquire the science and skills to pick color shades confidently virtually every time.
Contemporary and Predictable Composite Restoration of Posterior Teeth

The evolution of producing high quality direct resin restorations has spanned almost five decades. Innovations in filling materials and matricing systems have led to stronger, more esthetic, better contoured and wear resistant restorations. Furthermore, glass ionomer chemistry and modalities have been a tremendous boost for allowing dentistry to make tooth structure more resistant to bacteria and decalcification processes. Lastly, the introduction of lasers in the last 10-15 years to restorative dentistry has been a result of advancements in using stronger erbium wavelengths and better delivery systems that are compact, efficient, minimally invasive, and user/patient friendly. With patients looking for conservative and long lasting care to avoid more expensive dentistry, our goal is to "raise the bar" of placing posterior composites so that patients and doctors enjoy the benefits of the confluence of new technologies.

Learning objectives:

  1. Planning for success: Learn a system of diagnosis, prevention and managing risk to help create long lasting results.
  2. Discover better technology to make decay removal more comfortable, more conservative, and more rapid than ever before.
  3. Learn what is the "right" chemistry and engineering for successful posterior composites.
  4. Enjoy simpler placement techniques that establish proper contours and easier polishing techniques.
No One Should Die With Their Teeth in a Glass- Predictable Approach to Immediate Load Implant Supported Overdentures

The public perception of losing teeth is rapidly changing. Replacement of missing teeth in traditional dentistry focused on restoring the lost tooth with dentures and bridges to provide chewing function. This approach, however, did not address the bone condition and prevent future bone loss. Oftentimes, that bone loss caused an "aging of the face". Implantology has opened the door for people to no longer be dentally handicapped and can look more attractive, be healthier, and live fuller lives. Patient demands for reaching those goals are increasing as well. They are looking for more lifelike results in a more affordable and efficient manner.
With the evolution of materials and technology, a confluence of smile design, bio-mechanical engineering, and polymer chemistry have enabled dental teams (restorative dentists, surgeons, and lab technicians) to deliver better results than ever before. No longer does "guesswork" come into play for any immediate prosthetic restoration. Dehabilitation is no longer the norm; Rehabilitation is the "new standard"

Learning objectives:

  1. By "pre-treatment facial analysis", find out what are the critical factors in smile design and how to evaluate/ capture those details planning and performing full mouth rehabilitation.
  2. Learn how to do treatment "by prescription" instead of by accident.
  3. Discover how to use technology to not only place implant in better positions for retention and stability, but also to develop better esthetics for alveoloectomy guides and 3D printing.
  4. Understand the options and techniques for final restorations after the implants and provisional have been integrated.
Contemporary Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is no longer a novelty as it was in the 1980’s……it is serious business. Patient expectations are growing so that you must learn to master the art and science not only in the front but the back of the mouth. Fortunately advancements in technology have allowed dentists and their teams to be on the same page with the patient, lab, and specialist that help you create extra-ordinary results that are predictable and profitable.


  1. Learn critical factors in smile design that help you create beauty and ” keep it real”
  2. See how veneer cases can be easy to do by always doing 4 critical steps
  3. Discover how laser technology can make your cases esthetically beautiful, biologically healthy and improve your bottom line –even 2 months faster in complex cases.
  4. Find out new techniques in posterior composites.

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Course Comments

Dr. Flax has always delivered engaging interactive lectures, which have received excellent reviews from his students. 

~ Kelly Radcliff, former Director of Professional Education, AACD


"Dr. Flax is an excellent clinician and a superb teacher. His commitment to innovative technology and expertise in laser and cosmetic dentistry make his programs "must attend" events. Thanks, Hugh, for your practical approach and willingness to share your knowledge of effective use of lasers in dentistry."

~ Dr. John Rowe, Jonesboro, Arkansas


"I have the honor of working with and learning from Hugh in the area of laser dentistry and it's applications in esthetic dentistry. Hugh consistently amazes me with his knowledge and talent. Anyone who is interested in maximizing their laser dentistry AND learning how it applies to cosmetic dentistry will benefit from Hugh's experience and knowledge!"

~ Dr. Gary Radz, Denver, CO, International lecturer and writer


"If you want to learn some real world applications and insights into how laser / esthetic dentistry can help you and your patients, Dr. Flax is the one to see. His clear and enjoyable presentation style makes it a pleasure to learn. You'll take information back to your practice that you can apply immediately." 

~ Dr. Dean Lodding, Past President AACD


 As past president of the North Georgia Dental Society, I would like to give my highest recommendation for Dr. Hugh Flax. Dr. Flax spoke at our annual full day AB Cooper dental seminar and made a lasting impression on all in attendance. Dr. Flax will have your audience excited about getting back to the office on Monday. In addition, he will shed light on how to offer very viable options to your patients that make sense now and lead to better choices in the future; all while improving your bottom line. 

His unique style brings enjoyment to the lecture and will keep your attendees on the edge of their seats. He will engage your audience so much so that many will be asking for his return. 

It is without reservation that I recommend Dr. Flax for any dental association meeting that wants to combine education, excitement and participation to its attendees. 

~ Dr. Gordon Fraser - Pure Perio, CEO 

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