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Dr. Foroud Hakim is a nationally recognized educator with a broad range of engaging topics from high tech to composite dentistry.  His passion for restorative dentistry and education has been proven over years he has mantained a private practice and held a position at the Unversity of the Pacific.

Dr. Hakim has balanced private practice and dental education for over 27 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has a true passion for restorative dentistry ranging from complex rehabilitation to optimally conservative, single tooth restoration. He is former Vice Chair of the Department of Integrated Reconstructive Dental Sciences at University of the Pacific and has been a Director in the Esthetics, Implant and Complex Care Clinic at Pacific.

Dr. Hakim has lectured nationally and internationally in many venues including seminars, continuums and hands-on workshops on topics ranging from technology, esthetic dentistry, occlusion, smile design, CAD/CAM, photography, and adhesive and composite dentistry. Dr. Hakim has several publications and has authored two chapters in the 2010 text, Esthetic Dentistry in Clinical Practice from Blackwell Publishing.

Dr. Hakim earned his DDS in 1991 from Pacific and later went on to complete an MBA from his alma mater. He is a member of OKU dental honor society and past president of the Delta Delta Chapter. He is also a fellow and graduate of the ADEA Leadership Institute class of 2007 and sits on the board of Catapult Education. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Mana, two kids Ash and Tara, traveling, golf, fishing and competitive team sports.

Dr. Hakim offers half-day, full-day and multi-day lectures, including customized courses and hands-on workshops.

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Foroud Hakim, DDS is an accomplished speaker available to speak at your event for half-day, full-day and multi-day lectures, custom courses, and hands-on workshops.

Esthetic Dentistry – “Redefining The Cliché”

No longer is “esthetics” considered an option, upgrade or election for patients in the contemporary restorative practice; rather, it is an expectation. Ranging from a simple posterior resin to full smile rehabilitation, the desire for an optimal esthetic outcome is essentially universal amongst patients. Meanwhile, about a decade has passed since the perfect storm of influences, both internal and external to our profession landed us in the middle of the era of “cosmetic dentistry”. Since then, several factors including economic turmoil, emerging concepts of “conservative restorative dentistry”, the introduction of new materials and technologies, market place demands and realignment of priorities within the profession all have ushered in a new and exciting era for restorative dentistry.

This presentation will provide updates on new materials (direct and indirect) as well as technologies essential to contemporary practice.

Special emphasis will be placed on modern techniques and ancillary products that allow practitioners to design and deliver restorative treatment with precision - leading to optimal esthetics, efficiency, productivity and doctor and patient satisfaction.

Topics covered:

  • Adhesive advancements and bonding.
  • Impressions yesterday, today and tomorrow.
  • Direct resin restorations.
  • Indirect ceramic options.
  • Treatment planning and design.
  • Latest product entries and technologies costing under 10K.
  • Pre prosthetic orthodontics to optimize restorative results (Invisalign).
  • Developing esthetic restorations while respecting tooth structure.
This is Not Your Mother’s PFM Anymore

With the explosion in modern ceramics, the restorative material options seems to be growing constantly. Keeping up with the latest “all ceramic options”, and knowing when and where to prescribe a certain type of crown can be very challenging for the general practitioner immersed in daily practice.

This course aims to demystify this area and provide sound rational for crown and bridge material selection. In addition, many useful protocol and procedural variations that come with delivery of all ceramic indirect restorations will be presented including impressing, temporization, bonding vs. cementation, and removal.

Attendees will learn…

  • The gamete of modern all ceramic options for indirect restorations (crowns, bridges, veneers, partial coverage & implant supported).
  • The rubric to making the best material choice for a given clinical circumstance.
  • Tips and techniques for all adjunctive and delivery protocols surrounding the topic of indirect ceramic restorations including:
    • Preparation design
    • Tissue management and impression
    • Delivery (isolation, try-in, cementation vs. bonding rational)
    • Adjustment, finish & polish
  • Service, protection and removal.
  • Ancillary products that make every step listed above easier, more predictable and efficient.
Restorative 101

This full-day program will focus on the typical restorative procedures performed daily in general practice. Emphasis will be placed on the advances in techniques, materials, and supportive products or gadgetry that can change the way you practice today.

The morning session will be dedicated to direct restorations, specifically “modern, resin based contemporary practice”. The afternoon session will focus on indirect restorations and “making sense of the explosion of advances in ceramic options”.

Learning Points:

  • Adhesive updates.
  • Isolation protocols.
  • What to make of the trend towards “bulk filling”.
  • Improving direct restoration quality while reducing delivery time.
  • Latest in preparation design.
  • Digital workflow for indirect restorations.
  • Full proof impression techniques.
  • Bonding vs. cementation.
  • Where to use what ceramics.
  • Economic efficiencies in practice.
  • How supportive technologies can truly simplify daily restorative challenges.
Direct Restorations in the Contemporary Esthetic Practice

While the use of amalgam as the default direct restorative material has declined worldwide and has even ceased completely based on region, the need for a direct restorative substitute has never been greater. With heightened patient desires for esthetic restoration alternatives, the elimination of metal based restorations and conservative, earlier restorative intervention, resin dentistry is a staple of the
modern general practice.

This course aims to:

  • Review the fundamentals of adhesive dentistry.
  • Demystify the selection process for the best bonding agent for a given practice.
  • Review latest market entries for all composite resin categories.
  • Discuss the latest recommendations for selection, preparation, restoration and polish protocols.

Course Objectives:

  • Doctors will be able to treatment plan and triage for resin appropriate restorations.
  • Doctors will be able to create anatomically and esthetically ideal final restorations.
  • Doctors will have a clear understanding of versatile isolation techniques.
  • Doctors will be able to create ideal proximal form and contact function.
  • Doctors will understand the concept of building 3 dimensional color within restorations.
  • Doctors will be exposed to ancillary products and techniques that have redefined the efficiency and quality with which direct posterior and anterior composite restorations are delivered.
Optimizing Restorative Success Through Better Technician/Dentist Communications

From single tooth restorations all the way through smile reconstruction or full mouth rehabilitation, sophistication in communication between the technician and doctor has never been more important. Patient expectations for esthetic outcomes, requirements for precision and accuracy, the explosion of CAD/CAM and digitally driven restorations, and the constant introduction of new ceramic options demands a more knowledgeable technician and doctor team that communicate seamlessly. This course aims to help simplify this communication process, and help doctor/technician teams trouble shoot stumbling points to improve outcomes.

Subjects Covered:

  • Impression techniques and tissue management.
  • Shade selection.
  • Occlusion and case mounting.
  • Prep design.
  • Photography.
  • Material options.
  • Digital impressions.
  • Smile design.

Learning Objectives:

  • Doctors will learn what the “flawless impression” looks like.
  • Technicians and doctors will better understand tooth reduction criterion and limitations.
  • Doctors and technicians will learn a variety of options for better shade selection/communication including electronic shade selection or mapping, digital photography and in lab shade selection.
  • The team will understand the benefits and limitations of emerging digital impression technologies.
  • The team will learn what an optimally designed lab Rx looks like and what critical information must be included.
Restorative Dentistry in General Practice; “Working Smarter, not Harder to Optimize Patient Care, Outcomes, and Profitability – Challenging the Paradigm”

This comprehensive and interactive course covers the gamete of general restorative practice. Updates on techniques and trends in restorative dentistry are covered with case based examples while keeping an efficiency and practice economics barometer in mind.

This seminar will highlight specific opportunities where the doctor can increase efficiency and speed in restorative delivery while improving outcome quality and patient satisfaction.

Learning Objectives:

  • Trends & techniques in direct adhesive dentistry.
  • Trends & techniques in indirect ceramic dentistry.
  • Updates in bonding/adhesion/cementation.
  • Laboratory communications.
  • Leveraging the latest in delivery technologies – considering ROI.
  • Introduction to indispensable restorative products, materials and gadgetry that improve practice “job cycling”.
Leveraging Advancements in Dental Materials; Products & Techniques to Improve Patient Care, Outcomes and Productivity in Contemporary Restorative Practice
Our profession has long since emerged from the gold and silver restorative era. In today’s rapidly evolving arena, staying abreast of the latest in materials and products can be a tremendous challenge. This course aims to provide relevant updates for doctors seeking to stay current and understand cutting edge approaches to tooth restoration and preservation. Dr. Hakim encourages audience participation and interaction so bring all of your comments, questions ad clinical challenges so that we can learn together!

Course Objectives:

  • Cover evolving materials in the direct restorative arena.

  • Cover evolving materials in the indirect restorative arena.

  • Review all critical delivery techniques and clinical challenges.

Participants Will Learn:

  • Advancements in adhesives and composite delivery.

  • When to deploy bio-active materials.

  • Contemporary approach to non-vital tooth restoration.

  • Contemporary approach to crown & bridge delivery (treatment planning, preparation, impression, provisionalization, & cementation vs. bonding).

  • Tips and tricks to improve efficiency and eliminate re-do procedures.

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Direct and Indirect Restorations in Contemporary Esthetic Practice

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Stanislaus Dental Society on June 22, 2018
Course: This is Not Your Mother's PFM

"Dr. Hakim is a great speaker and very knowledgeable for his work."

"Excellent! I left class with amazing information!"

"Excellent! Would love to see more case presentations. Thank you!"

Course: Optimizing Restorative Success through Better Lab Communications

"Great speaker, interesting, easy flow."

"Awesome case presentation! Thank you!"

"Great review as well as info about new materials and techniques for difficult cases. Really enjoyed."

Course: Direct Restorations and Adhesion Update

"Excellent lecturer, best yet"

"It was great that Dr. Hakim took questions during his lecture."

"Great information. Good reminder for all the details needed for good dentistry. Thank you!"



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