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“Teaching is one of the most fulfilling things I do in dentistry,” said Dorian Dodds, DDS

Dr. Dodds has been in Chico most of his life. He attended local public schools including Shasta Elementary, Bidwell Junior High, and Pleasant Valley High School. Aside from a brief stent in Eugene, Oregon, all of his pre-doctoral college work was done at Butte College and CSU Chico. Dorian attributes much of his love for education to the strong foundation given to him by his teachers in Chico from kindergarten all the way through high school. From a hands-on and faculty to student ratio, Dr. Dodds believes the education he received at Butte and Chico State to be top notch. The accessibility of the faculty is second to none. 

At a young age, Dr. Dodds was taught a strong work ethic. “The first job I can remember was digging a sprinkler system for my grandfather,” states Dr. Dodds. “At about the age of nine I wanted a new bike, and my family could not afford it. My Poppop told me that he would pay half if I earned half, but I had to earnmy half before he would contribute his half. I remember he gave me a 6” wide trenching shovel and a hatchet, and instructions to follow the chalk lines he had laid across the lawn. The hatchet, it turns out, was for the root system that lay through the yard supporting huge maple trees which were planted in the early 1950’s. At about $4 per hour, it took trenching, stacking firewood, cleaning rain gutters and quite a few washed cars to finally get that blue and yellow Schwinn Mag Scrambler. But the feeling of a job well-done and the satisfaction of setting a goal and earning it has never left me.”

By the time he was in the eighth grade, Dr. Dodds began working at The Donut Nook on East Avenue after school and on weekends. The Nook was owned by his lifelong best friend’s family. He worked the 4 am shift on Saturday and some Sundays so he could pursue high school athletics. Dorian worked at The Donut Nook in Chico while attending Butte and then Chico State to pay for his education. Eventually, he purchased The Nook from Joe Del Carlo’s family. Joe had died a year earlier due to complications from Leukemia.

After 5 years of running a 24-hour business, Dorian decided to return to school to pursue a career in medicine. But his mentor and friend, Dr. Randy Fowkes, convinced him to consider a career in dentistry. “I spent a day and a half in Randy’s office and I was hooked,’ says Dorian. He sold The Nook to Joe's son, Joey and re-entered CSU Chico with a 5–year plan to become a dentist. Two years at Chico State and 3 at the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry flew by. Dorian returned to Chico in 2006 and purchased his current practice in 2007 from his former dentist, Dr. Ross Bradford.

In 2006, Dorian was invited to return to UOP as a Faculty member. He works at the San Francisco based campus nearly every Friday. He is also part of Catapult Group and is one of about 50 Key Opinion Leaders in North America, who provide product review services to companies who hire their group. He is currently working on transitioning to Catapult's Speaker Bureau, a division of the KOL team who provide continuing education classes to dentists and dental teams around the globe.

Dorian enjoys spending his free time with his children as well as volunteering for service organizations in the Chico community. He believes we all have the power to effect positive change. Dr. Dodds' volunteer work and impact have been felt throughout the Chico Community, most recently umpiring alongside with his boys at Chico Westside Little League.

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