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Arthur Tomaro, DDS Exceptional Dentistry

Dr. Tony Tomaro and his highly-skilled, exemplary dental care team understand the importance of aesthetically pleasing smiles, good oral hygiene and all other dental care essentials. They work diligently to ensure every patient gets focused, one-on-one, comprehensive dental care, beginning with a dialog that helps Dr. Tomaro and his staff ensure every patient is well-educated about every individualized dental procedure, as well as ongoing dental care and preventative maintenance.

Industry-leading, completely comprehensive dental care is of utmost importance to Dr. Tomaro and his exemplary staff. Every patient receives a thorough oral examination, which often include models, radiographs, photos and even PowerPoint presentations to help educate patients about the importance of dental procedures, regularly-scheduled follow up visits, and at-home oral hygiene practice. This inclusive strategy ensures Dr. Tomaro and his staff get to know every patient personally, in order to provide precise solutions to every dental issue. They are careful to examine every matter related to teeth, bite, jaw alignment, and muscles ensuring lasting, customized results.

Dr. Tomaro graduated from the University of Michigan, School of Dentistry. Prior to his relocation to Las Vegas, Nevada, Dr. Tomaro enjoyed 26 years of private practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He provides live-patient treatment courses, as well as peer lectures to dentists nationally and internationally. His teaching focuses on techniques related to Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD), General Dentistry (Tooth Colored Fillings & Crowns), Diagnosis, Cosmetic Dentistry, Treatment of Headaches, and Neuromuscular Dentistry procedures that are used in daily patient care.

Dr. Tony Tomaro is a published author and a consultant for dental laboratories and manufacturers, and a current contributing author to national dental publications and dental laboratory publications on several topics, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and TMJ. He is affiliated with the following prestigious organizations: ADA - American Dental Association, MDA - Michigan Dental Association, NDA - Nevada Dental Association, and is a member and product reviewer for Catapult Education.

Dr. Tomaro has completed extensive dental and other academic training, including a degree in Dental Surgery from the University of Michigan, Master’s Degree in Biology/Histology at the University of Michigan, a Bachelor of Science-University of Michigan, and exclusive training in Dental Implant Surgery and Restoration, Rotary Endodontics, FACE—Advanced Dental Reconstruciton and TMJ, and Neuromuscular Orthodontics, Laser surgery, and additional training. His extensive and comprehensive knowledge of TMJ (TMD) and difficult bites has prompted dentists to seek him for their own personal treatment.

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Courses Offered

Arthur Tomaro, DDS is an accomplished speaker available to speak at your event for half-day, full-day and multi-day lectures, custom courses, and hands-on workshops.

Great Team + Great Business = Great Practice

Dr. Tomaro will present the qualities of a Great Team. Creating the environment to take an exceptional team from Good to Great. The participants will learn the business skills they never taught you in school, which are the key characteristics of a Great Business. Developing relationships with your patients so they will rave and refer patients. Learning to have a patient centered practice, which allows everyone to concentrate on delivering high quality dentistry, eliminating financial stress. Learn the key ingredients in marketing your practice. Stop dreaming about a Great Practice. Let's make a Great Practice happen for you...one patient at a time.


Learning Objectives:

  • This course is designed to hone your business skills and help drive your overhead to 55-58%.
  • Learn the keys to developing and motivating the Team.
  • Learn how to become profitable and achieve financial Freedom.
  • Understand the importance of each and every patient.
  • Learn how to set and achieve goals.
The Art and Science of Smile Design

Smile Design is a Science and an Art. Success and Beauty is created in the clinical planning. Dr. Tomaro will take you through the clinical steps necessary to create the beauty the patients are seeking.  Proper diagnosis and patient selection are the keys to success. The following clinical procedures will be discussed: Evaluation of the Smile Corridor, Facial analysis, Occlusal evaluation, Communicating with the laboratory technician, after all they make us look good, diagnostic wax-up, preparation of the teeth, creating temporaries the patient wants to keep, the clinical steps to adhesion(why use the best materials available to us).

Learning Objectives:

  • The role of, “The Golden Proportion” in Smile Design
  • Rules of Smile Design
  • The Laboratory Technician duplicates nature
  • Understanding Adhesion
  • Creating Beautiful Smiles Changes People’s Lives
A New Patient Called:Help!!! Where Do We Go From Here?

Dr. Tomaro will teach you how to immediately differentiate your practice and develop a new patient on the first cal. The following will be presented: interviewing the patient, the comprehensive exam, presenting the treatment plan and delivering the plan. Possible treatment plans will include composites, veneers, full mouth rehabilitation, and the utilization of soft tissue laser in periodontal therapy, gummy smiles, and restorative techniques. Make the patient feel like they are the only patient that exists in your practice and watch the referrals pour in. 


Attendees will learn to:

  • The participants will learn to develop a WOW factor on the first phone calls.
  • Learn the skills of interviewing the patient.
  • Learn the 3 important GOALS that must be developed in the first appointment.
  • Learn organized systems that work.
  • Develop the role of each team member in the design of a treatment plan.
  • Learn how to make Patients into Guests.
  • Get 90% acceptance of your treatment plans.
  • "Learn to have fun and love what you do."

Note: Each Program is a ½ course.

Creating a Digital Workflow to Up Our Game in Diagnostics and Treatment

Digital Technology is rapidly changing the way clinical dentistry is performed. If we can diagnose issues earlier can we redefine our approach to oral care? In Dentistry, it relates to creating more efficient diagnostics that results in better decision making and ultimately a higher quality of care. The digital workflow is rapidly expanding, resulting in a greater quality of treatment for our patients. Dr. Tomaro will present a complete digital workflow from the initial phone call, new patient examination, hygiene, treatment planning, and completed treatment.

Learning Objectives:

  • What is VoIP and how does that change office communication for your patients?  
  • What role does CBCT play in diagnosis?
  • How has digital technology changed caries detection and treatment? 
  • How has digital technology allowed the patient and doctor to co-diagnose?
Dentistry for the Ages and the Aged
Geriatric Dentistry is a reality. Baby Boomers are Senior Citizens. Recent polls show the largest category to visit the dental office on a regular basis are Baby Boomers. Life longevity has increased. Treatment planning and treatment can be challenging for 70, 80, and 90 years of age for health care providers. How do you handle the following, “How much longer am I going to live? Can you just repair what I have?” Are you prepared for these patients? The mouth is the gateway to systemic health. Dr. Tomaro will share with you different scenarios from prevention to customize treatment for these patients. Become their hero and make a difference in their life.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop listening skills to identify the patients wants. Patients make the decision as to the quality of life that they want to live. Not Clinicians.

  • Understand the relationship of dental health to systemic health

  • Emphasize prevention as the best policy. What are some preventable measures we can incorporate for these patients

  • Learn how to handle different diagnosis, such as: Rampant decay, Dry Mouth, Periodontal Disease, Chemo-Therapy, and other systemic diseases.

  • Identify the best restorative procedures for this generation

The Principles and Treatment of Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction is the culmination of all restorative procedures. The KEY to the Predictable Success is the Management of the bite prior to preparation. Dr. Tomaro will present each of the critical steps from Patient Selection and Diagnosis to the micro - occlusion adjustments after preparation and bonding-cementation. 

Learning Objectives:

  • What are the 6 components of occlusion when managing the bite?
  • What is the purpose of an orthotic/splint? 
  • Describe bite transfer
  • When is the patient ready for the preparation phase?
Is My Office Financially Out of Control?

Statistics show the average overhead in dental office is 73-78%. Dentists must become skilled in business. This course will teach you the analytics you need to know, to make good business decisions.  Dr. Tomaro will present the model and components to achieve a 55% overhead.

Learning Objectives:

  • Symptoms of a Practice Out of Control.
  • What are the MUST know figures for a financially successful practice?
  • Budget Model to achieve 55% Overhead and the Key Ingredient.

Course Comments

Dr. Tomaro is extremely knowledgeable in regards to the various technologies that are now available for use in our daily practices, and he was able to walk us through a new patient experience utilizing this technology to provide enhanced diagnosis and a better, more comprehensive patient experience.
Besides all that, Dr. Tomaro is a down-to-earth, all-around nice guy!  He is extremely approachable and genuinely wants to help us learn. His wealth of knowledge and dental experience is impressive! I highly recommend him!

Lisa Johnson, DDS – Grand Rapids, MN – September, 2019

There’s a genuine authenticity in the air when you experience a lecture from Tony Tomaro. His passion for the art of dentistry coupled with his drive to elevate standards is a perfect recipe for awesomeness! He tops off the presentation with the greatest restorative of all, LOVE. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the entire room, including mine. Hats off to a fabulous professional and a beautiful human being.

Jerry Symmonds, VOCO America

"Dr. Tomaro, I just wanted to say thank you so much for a wonderful lecture. It was very much a meaningful and insightful lecture into dentistry. This was certainly one of my most favorite lectures and well worth my time. I hope you don’t mind me reaching out to you in the future for guidance and mentorship. I have been in dentistry for awhile, 20 plus years, and you re-motivated me. I’d like to make 2019 a great year, thank you."

January 18, 2019 — Golden Study Club, Washington DC

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