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Our mission here at Ultradent is to Improve Oral Health Globally through science, creativity, and education. We strive to provide clinicians with progressive and trustworthy solutions while always respecting the patient and promoting their well-being.
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Catapult Vote of Confidence™ Products by Ultradent

Astringedent™ X

Astringedent X hemostatic is an aqueous 12.7% iron solution that works quickly to stop difficult bleeding.


The Umbrella cheek retractor is ideal for a variety of procedures that require clear access without compromising patient comfort

Peak™ Universal Bond

Peak Universal Bond adhesive's versatile formulation is ideal for indirect and direct bonding, including post and core procedures.



Hemostatic Agents, Finishing Systems, and Curing Lights

Featured Videos

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Astringedent X- The Must-Have in a Practice

Due to its speed and effectiveness, Astringedent™ X hemostatic is Dr. Lou Graham’s must-have hemostatic in his office for all cases.

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Best Tips from Dentists on Polishing and Finishing | Jiffy Finishing System

Clinicians with differing styles and preferences give their tips on how to achieve superior shine and luster using the Jiffy Finishing System. 

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Dr. John Flucke reviews the VALO curing light

Dr. John Flucke is the chief dental editor for Dental Products Report and serves on several review boards within dentistry. Dr. Flucke provided his insights on the VALO curing light and how it benefits a dental practice and patients.

Provider Testimonials

“Opalescence PF is ideal for at-home treatments because of its versatility and customization depending on the patient’s desired results and clinical condition. [ . . . ] In addition to versatility, Opalescence PF provides practical solutions to many of the common complications associated with whitening and at-home treatments”
Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA, CDD
“I have tested Peak Universal Bond [adhesive] against different competitors; and I believe it is an excellent bonding agent—combining clinical simplicity and efficacy. It contains chlorhexidine, which provides long-term bond strength and long-lasting bond to all substrates, making it a real universal bonding agent for all purposes in the dental office.”
Dr. Lorenzo Breschi
“The Jiffy Natural Universal polishers have been fantastic in my office. They will polish zirconium faster than anything I’ve seen on the market.”
Dr. Rafael Beolchi